You guys! I promised myself I would start limiting gym talk on the blog, because I realize it’s annoying and the majority of you could care less about how I work on my fitness on a daily basis. That said, this is not gym talk. It’s just a story that happens to take place at my gym but it deserves to be shared on the basis of warm fuzzy factor.

So, I got to the gym tonight after work and realized that my shoes were not in my bag. After a nine-hour day, you can imagine how enthusiastic I was feeling about a workout. However, I was even less enthusiastic about the prospect of throwing in the towel and going home sans workout. I sort of stood around at my locker for a good five minutes contemplating my options. You’ll see my day shoes below and realize those were not an option.

I was also thisclose to just wearing my socks but eventually decided against it. I started to change out of my gym clothes and into my outfit when a voice behind me said, did you forget your shoes?

Long story short, my fellow size 7.5 savior LENT ME HER SHOES to work out in, while she hit the pool. The amazing part was that she wasn’t even concerned with the logistics of it. I wanted to know how long she planned to swim and where I should leave her shoes, when I was done. They were nice shoes. She told me they were brand new. I promised I wouldn’t steal them. She shrugged and told me that if her lock was still on her locker, that she was still in the pool and that I could leave them at the front desk. I thanked her about a million times and then dashed off to the weights. Finished just in time to catch her at the pool and hand her her shoes back. And thanked her about a million more times.

Not only did I have a good workout, determined to make my good fortune count, but I was totally inspired. That was by far, one of the most awesome things a stranger has ever done for me. Speaking as someone who has the word “Karma” tattooed on her back, I have a deep appreciation for random acts of kindness. I can’t wait to pay it forward.

We are looking rather jet-setty today. I guess my subconscious chose my outfit for me. This springy little jacket practically leapt off a rack at me earlier this year and has been taunting me from the closet ever since. It’s lightweight enough to wear indoors (which I did all day) but will also get lots of use as a cover-up with spring outfits. I guess you can’t really see much of it in the pictures, but it also has a hood! A blazer with a hood?! What? How could I not have this?

It needed some color. Dark jeans and my weird little green top got it halfway there, but it still needed more. I belted it with my scarf, which just happened to match my new necklace. This necklace slays me, it’s so pretty. Although, I’m sure the lady who sold it to us would have you know that it is from a consignment shop and NOT a thrift store. She was very adamant about this when we inquired about other similar shops in the surrounding area. Personally, I think the necklace could come out of a dumpster and I would love it just as much. But whatever. I guess somebody forgot their Valium that day.

Jacket – 5.7.9
Green top – Charlotte Russe
Jeans – 5.7.9
Scarf – Target
Necklace – Thrifted
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of John Lennon – “Instant Karma”