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I think I figured out what’s hindering spring from making its grand entrance. I am not listening to enough gangsta rap these days.

You see, I’m convinced that music is a seasonal thing. Like produce or the wearing of certain colors. Most artists, or in some cases certain albums have a very distinct feel that lends itself only to certain times of the year. Name any artist, (seriously try me) and I bet I can tell you to which season it belongs. You wouldn’t drink Chablis in the dead of winter and likewise, you don’t want to break out The Sounds before the leaves change color.  There’s a radio station here in Colorado that insists on playing Sublime all year-round and it just feels so wrong to me, as Sublime is clearly a summer band. Of course your mileage may vary according to your own nostalgia.

But anyway. In the spring we listen to hip hop. Not too hardcore. We save that. Because nothing goes better on a summer’s day than gangsta rap with the windows rolled down. So while it may be a bit early, I’m convinced that if I start bumping the right tunes in my Kia, I can jumpstart spring a little. Now all I need is a good mix. Who’s with me?

Pretty simple today, but I like the pretty effect that simple can have. I needed simplicity because I realized that I’ve been getting way too analytical about my outfits. I seriously have arguments with myself that go like this: well I just can’t wear this outfit because it needs the navy tights and I just wore the navy tights three days ago and people are going to NOTICE and SHUN ME. Which is when I realized it was time to calm. down. 

I could probably get really bent out of shape about the fact that I wore a top with a bow on the neckline two days in a row. But I’m not crazy or anything. That said, I’m diggin’ on neckline bows. So fancy. So “Desperate Housewives.” I was very excited about this top because I’ve never found Bebe at Goodwill before. I find the color to be completely enticing. The bow is just an added bonus.

Okay, I have a confession to make. My little grey cardigan is hooded. As was my jacket on Wednesday. Sigh. Will you ever forgive me?

Bow top – Thrifted (Bebe)
Grey hooded cardigan – Kohl’s
Pants – Thrifted (Gap)
Shoes – Work
Necklace – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Ok Go (late spring)- “Here It Goes Again”