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Happy Sunday! How did Daylight Savings treat everyone? I’m not usually a fan of springing forward but this year it’s all good. For one thing, it gave me the illusion that I slept in this morning and the power of suggestion was enough to be enjoyable. For another, I am very very very much looking forward to it staying light in the evenings. Who knows? One of these days I may even have the luxury of taking outfit photos in the evening.

I had a nice and quaint day. Ran some errands. Hit the gym. I ended up getting a manicure and going tanning as well. Both are small luxuries that I rarely indulge in, but the impromptu pampering was nice. I feel okay about turning 27 shortly. I’ve already embraced it, but I do like to go into a new birthday looking and feeling my best. So that takes care of that.

So awhile ago, I was lucky enough to be the winner of a giveaway held by Jenni at Daily Work It for a Hats in the Belfry hat. I was totally delighted as it were, because it looked like a fabulous hat. I mentioned the other day, my love of all things 1920s, and a cloche hat has always been on my wishlist. What I didn’t know was just how completely and utterly gorgeous the hat would be when it arrived. I think my heart skipped a beat when I finally opened my package and beheld it in person. This hat is pretty incredible. Soft, luxurious, well-crafted. I want to wear it on every bad hair day from here on out. (This is not a sponsored post, but I want to say thanks very much to Daily Work It for hosting the giveaway and to Hats in the Belfry for my new best friend.)

Today was my first opportunity to take it for a spin. I thrifted this dress recently. And when I went to hang it up, my hat on the shelf nearby, caught my attention. I knew they would work well together. I really adore this dress too. I’d normally pass on a dress with such a sack-like shape, as it makes me look like an escaped mental patient in a hospital gown. However, I have finally figured out the secret to such dresses. Merely belting it transforms it into a completely different and wearable dress. Hurrah!

Winterized, because it’s still chilly and craptastic outside. I’d like to believe spring is coming, but in the meantime I’ve got a valid excuse to wear this cute dress again all summery-like. Silver linings, people. Silver linings.

 Dress – Thrifted
Belt – Work
Navy Tights – Thrifted
Shoes – Payless
Navy long sleeve – Work
Hat – Hats in the Belfry

Title courtesy of Joanna Newsom – “Bridges and Balloons”