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I woke up this morning to a big old fresh pile of snow and more on the way. To which I was like, really Colorado? REALLY?!

And then Colorado was like, yeah bitch. Deal with it.

I did my best. While my car thawed out, I burned an Amy Winehouse mix and then I went to work. Amy Winehouse fills a nice niche. The part where it should be spring but it’s snowy and miserable out. Mostly “Back to Black.” Once the thaw begins, I roll down my windows and listen to “Frank.” Which could be any time now. ANY TIME NOW, COLORADO.

Long story short, it totally sabotaged my outfit plans. And it does not bode well for my First Day of Spring outfit that I’ve been waiting patiently to wear. I am a sad panda right now.

Now, I am used to putting together my outfits on the fly. But stupidly, I had sort of mentally packed away the boots and sweaters. I threw this together very last minute. The only upside is that I did get to try this color combo that I recently admired at Time Enough for Drums. Her version is far more funky than mine, but something about the turquoise contrast with the scarf really struck me. Enough to make me pick up this similarly colored tunic. To be honest, given the other items it was housed with, I think it’s supposed to be a swim cover. Irony. Oh yeah.

 Turquoise Tunic – Thrifted
Black long sleeve – Work
Leggings – Work
Boots – Work
Necklaces – Work
Scarf – Work

Title courtesy of Amy Winehouse – “Me and Mr. Jones (Fuckery)”