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I have nothing to say right now. I’m just going to keep it short and sweet because if I don’t, I might unleash a torrent of vitriol and ire and it would not be pretty.

It is blizzarding out. I left work and had to scrape about a foot of snow off my car. It isn’t done either. They already called off school tomorrow which NEVER happens where I live. On record, I remember maybe three snow days growing up. Typically speaking, Colorado people like to think they’re going to tough it out. Like we’re wilderness people or something. But I am not a wilderness person. I am an urban dweller, a sun worshipper, a pretty princess and a big damn wuss.

Go the fuck away already, winter. There I said it.

These pictures were taken earlier today when the snow was rain. Glorious spring rain. You had me fooled there, Colorado, however briefly. Rain is my most favoritest weather ever and a rarity around here. I was so ecstatic. It trashed my hair while I took pictures and I didn’t even care. I was thrilled to be out in it. We were having a party, the rain and I. And my skirt.

Though my First Day of Spring Outfit, is indefinitely AWOL, this skirt was a close second contender. I admired this print muchly when it hit stores at Express originally. Express is one of those stores that I love but can’t really afford to shop at. I mostly stand outside with my nose pressed to the glass. Whimpering. But I never really forgot about this print. As soon as I was reunited with it at a thrift store, I practically leapt for joy. Who even cares that it is so not my size? High-waist that, baby. Belt time! Holla!

I figured I’d save it for a special occasion. Which I thought today was. We were so happy together. The weather and I. We were going to get married and have babies. All the forecasters tried to warn me. No good, they said. Those storm clouds are trouble. They’ll turn on you. They’ll break your heart. But I was in love. I didn’t listen. 

No regrets, though. No regrets. Tomorrow, when I’m wearing a parka and sitting next to my space heater with a box of crumpled up tissues, well. At least I’ll have the memories.   

Skirt – Thrifted (Express)
Black Blouse – Can’t remember, it’s old
Belt – Thrifted
Bracelet – Work
Shoes – Wal-Mart

Title courtesy of Meiko – “Boys With Girlfriends”