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So, here is a picture taken out of my office window this morning and here is one of it, early this evening. Just to give you a little perspective into my frustration with the weather. How does one dress exactly, when a matter of hours can change the weather completely?

I was still a little cranky this morning but it was nothing a little primal scream therapy in my car, and a long workout didn’t fix. Plus, there isn’t much complaining to do about two days off from work. I’ve been bad about scheduling my days off consecutively this year, because sometimes I like to break my week up. But a full two days in a row is probably better for my mental health. The husband is even off to join me. We made plans to go sledding and do a little shopping. But as it turned out, the snow was already sloshy by the time we really got around to it.

We hit a few thrift stores, but nothing too terribly exciting. Tonight we’re going to watch a movie and I am even going to cook something.ย  I can bake like a mofo, but my cooking is nothing to write home about. Dinner is typically the husband’s chore. He enjoys cooking and is good at it. Therefore, it’s an unspoken agreement that we’re both happier when he cooks, but occasionally I bust out. Cross your fingers for me.

I didn’t spend a terrible lot of time on today’s outfit. The weather has even me confounded as to what to wear. Earlier this month, I started keeping a running calendar with loosely based outfit plans. Nothing set in stone. Just a sort of a back up plan for days when I might be short on time or feeling uninspired. All that went out the window with the random blizzard action this past week. But I will be damned if the weather is going to screw with my upcoming theme week. No ma’am. Theme week is going down as planned, regardless of what the weather decides to do.

For today, I just decided to throw on my purple sweater cape, while I still can. The sweater cape is an odd thing to try and pull off. I wore it once before at the beginning of the project as part of an Old Lady Sunday but today I went for a more eccentric dalliance. I mean it’s a capeย for cripes sake.ย A little eccentricity is a given. I felt like a badass in my boots, sunglasses and cape. And milkmaid braids? Well, that’s neither here nor there. CAPE!

Sweater Cape – 5.7.9
Basic Black Long Sleeve – Work
Black Leggings – Work
Boots – Target
Earrings – No idea. They just showed up in my jewelry box
Necklace – Work

Title courtesy of The Walkmen – “We’ve Been Had”