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We’ll make this quick, because it’s late. Just a couple of quickie announcements and acknowledgements.

First, thanks very very much to Apryl, The 365 Day Girl for doing a feature on me at her blog. I find her 365 day challenge to master social media incredibly inspiring, so I was flattered to be a part of her blog. Thanks Apryl! And also to Looks and Books for making me their look of the week.

I was even tagged by the lovely gals at Chicfaced to do another 10 Happy Things list. I did one back in February but I don’t mind making another by any means. Here’s why: 1. Making lists makes me happy! The rest of the things are: 2. Dresses! 3. Quality time with friends 4. Cupcakes 5. My stupid cats 6. Bangle bracelets 7. Running 8. Snoop Dog on Larry King 9. Driving with the withe the windows down 10. The color yellow

Exciting week! How was yours?

 Yeah. So it was kinda windy today. Otherwise it might have actually been springy. And so we wait.

Likewise, the outfit is pretty easy breezy today. It’s been a long week and dresses have become my go-to comfort item of choice. This dress probably belongs more to the fall, but um… I’m not that patient. I decided that a chilly day was cause enough to wear it. I think I only paid about $3 for this dress in a Goodwill haul and initially thought it kind of blah. But I saw potential in the fun print and the crazy sash. The sash is long enough that it could be worn a number of ways. Bonus points, for making my windy photo shoot slightly more fun. Come to think of it, the more I wore this dress today, the more I fell in love with it.

I’ll be hitting the ground running tomorrow with my birthday theme week. Be there or be square. Did I really just write that? Man. It has been a long week.

Dress – Thrifted
Maroon cami – Target
Brown tights – Wet Seal
Brown beaded necklace – The Icing
Boots – 5.7.9
Bangles – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of The Bird and The Bee – “Heard It On The Radio”