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If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear today was my birthday. My morning really couldn’t have been more perfect. I went to bed last night feeling a little under the weather but woke up early feeling refreshed and fine. Spent the extra time doing a little catching up on behind-the-scenes blog stuff while I drank my blueberry pomegranate green tea. (Four more days until coffee!)

Then I knew it was workout time, so I was headed out for the gym when I realized Hey. HEY! It was warm enough to RUN OUTSIDE for the first time all season. This was big news for me. I’m a gigantic baby when it comes to running outdoors. I love it, but I do not love it when it’s cold or windy or snowy or all of the above. There is a lovely little pond area with trails across the street from where I live. And I’ve been patiently waiting, for the time when I could hit it. My 10k is fast approaching, too. So it’s time to start logging some outdoor runs.  

Euphoria. That’s the only way I can describe it. Sun was shining. Sprinklers were running. Birds were chirping. My nano was picking great songs just as I hit my stride. (It’s almost a shame this week’s tunes are already selected in keeping with the theme because this was so my jam, today.) I’m even more excited because according to my Nike+ running chip, I logged over a 5k in less than my usual time. Oh. Hell. Yes.

Come to think of it, I’d say today’s photo sums it up pretty well.

This is probably my most favorite picture of myself ever invented. No lie. Although, what’s really odd about it, is the fact that I have absolutely no recollection of this moment. I can usually look a photo and have some fragment of recall. Either of what I’m wearing,where it was taken, or what was going on in my life at the time, etc. This picture conjures up absolutely nothing for me. It’s a shame, because what I love about this photo is that is captures one of those rare moments of absolute happiness. Complete carefree joy.

So it’s only fitting that I had such a wonderful morning and then got to recreate such a wonderful photo. It was really very simple. It’s a simple look and all of the items are even old favorites of mine. The teal trench has been a staple in my spring wardrobe for years. I can’t bring myself to part with it, even though it’s worn and has small stains and is coming apart in places. It was Christmas gift from one of my sisters-in-law one year, after I was busted admiring it at Mervyn’s. That should give you some inkling as to how long I’ve had it. I love it to death though, and I will probably wear it until then too.

Because the original photo doesn’t show what I’m wearing on top, I had some creative freedom. I decided to just roll with the tights and add a navy top. This skirt is black, red and grey but I only noticed today, its ability to blend with other neutrals. I knew there was a reason I loved it so much.

Skirt – Charlotte Russe
Navy V-Neck – Work
Navy Tights – Thrifted
Shoes – Payless
Necklace – DIY

Title courtesy of Vanessa Carlton – “White Houses”