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So, I am 27 today. A rather unremarkable age by most accounts, but I’m liking it so far. If only because I prefer odd numbers over even. And anyway, I predict it’s going to be a pretty good year. I am still finishing my list of 27 things to do this year, but I will probably have it finished for tomorrow.

It’s been a very quiet birthday, but a good one. I got up super early this morning, because I had some early errands to attend to. I got to glimpse the first sunrise of my 27th year, so not off to a bad start. Got dressed and took pictures. Jay-Z’s “Young Forever” played on the radio. Narrowly avoided getting speed-trapped on my way to the mall. Work was pleasantly busy. I don’t mind working on my birthday, because I have a nice birthday weekend planned. I’ve actually worked my last three birthdays and my employees are always super sweet to me. Today, one of my managers brought me balloons and a CD and Hawaiian flower leis, which turned out to be very apropos as you’ll see in a minute.

Lots of well wishes from friends and family. God Bless Facebook for making people who would otherwise not give a crap, aware of your birthday and inclined to send you salutations. Really though, I love it.

And so, birthday theme week continues with a style cue from my four-year-old self.

When we were little, my dad always took amazing pictures of our family. He is pretty talented with a camera. I did not inherit that trait, as you already know, because you read this blog. But anyway, this is one of the many lovely portraits he took. And then there is me, 23 years later, a tool with a tripod. But at least I look nice?

In my hunt for the perfect birthday dress, I combed through various old photos for ideas. I chose the original picture above, simply because it’s a lovely photo and I remember loving that dress quite a bit. I also find it interesting that the dress is greyish in tone with bright florals. Although I can’t see it very well in the photo, I seem to recall that this dress was actually quite colorful.

The other thing I knew about my perfect birthday dress was that I finally wanted to treat myself to something from ModCloth. I combed through their site for awhile (no easy feat, if you’re easily distracted by pretty things, like me) and when I stumbled upon the Yellow-Ha dress, I knew it was the one. It quickly came to pass, that the Yellow-Ha dress became my possession. I am very enamored with this dress. It’s brighter and prettier in person than I anticipated. It was a joy to wear all day, and very worth the splurge. Today was also a good dayfor Real Jewelry. I love my pearls and bust them out, whenever occasion warrants.

Obviously, the dress and the additional stylings that I added to it are a bit of a deviation from the original look. I did this for two reasons:

1) Four-years-old is a far cry from 27. I wanted to look older and bolder going into a new age.

2) It’s my birthday. I do what I want!

Dress – ModCloth
Sweater – Target
Grey tights – Wet Seal
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Jennifer Lopez – “Jenny From The Block”