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Greetings! It is now at least marginally sunny in Santa Fe, if still a little windy and chilly. It was at least nice enough to be out and about today. So hooray for that. I am having terrible luck with shopping this whole trip. So, I finally gave up and we mostly wandered around sightseeing. And eating. It’s tiring work, this tourism. I could use a nap before the rest of the festivities this day.

I said earlier this week, that I was mostly omitting things of the uncute variety from the theme week lineup. This seemed to disappoint a few of you. Today, you need not worry. Let us cover an embarrassing chapter in my personal style history: The Time Jenny Went Country.

This is more of a composite based on a number of photos, which all originated from around the same period. I couldn’t really tell you what happened. One moment, was just an ordinary little girl wearing normal clothes, and the next I was rootin’ tootin’ little cowgirl. I wanted to be all-American, you know? Get back to my roots. I spent that summer listening to Randy Travis, acquiring cowboy hats at county fairs, chewing on pieces of straw and fantasizing about the next time I might get to go horseback riding.

This is Chardonnay, my trusty steed. I only got to ride her once at a ranch where my uncle worked, but she was the best horse I ever rode. She was also the only horse, I ever rode. My hick phase was rather short-lived. It’s a shame, really. Because check out that fierce hat! Unfortunately, my country western phase fell just shy in its authenticity because I could never quite abandon my love for the matchy-matchy. Just look at all that turquoise. A truer cowgirl might have relaxed the reigns on fashion and mixed her patterns and colors, but I could never quite go there. Not then. Not now.

The good news is that I still got a little country in me. (That’s also the bad news, by the way.) It’s kind of like a can of Skoal and some faded old Levis. You can separate the two, but the impression is always vaguely going to be there. 

I spent a year in a town where there was scarcely anything to listen to on the radio besides country. It’s  not great for my street cred, but as a result, I can sing along to many a country song. I have been known to torture my indie-loving hipster friends by making them Awesomely Bad Country mixes. It’s actually a favorite pasttime for the husband and I, on road trips, to tune in the country station and wait for a real cheesy toe-tapper to laugh at. If you have never heard such cultural gems as “The Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” or “Redneck Yacht Club”… well… you are really kind of missing out.

Which is probably why, after starting this blog, it occurred to me that I very much needed to own some cowboy boots. I found mine at a thrift store in the ghetto of Denver, but I know they’re real classy on account of the fact that they had to keep half the pair locked up. The rest of this outfit is from work. I needed a new denim mini for the summer and I love the tulip shape of this one. As for my cowboy hat, I have no idea what became of it. And I’m pretty okay with that. Some things are better left in the past.

Title courtesy of Lisa Loeb – “Jenny Jenkins”