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Happy Easter, everyone! I hope everyone had a good holiday, however you spent it.

So, I’m kind of cheating a little. But since most of you gave me positive feedback on theme week, I’m guessing you won’t mind that I’ve extended it one last day. The reason being: Easter Dress Action.

I will always have a soft spot for Easter dresses. When I was little, The Easter Dress was a big deal. Partially, because my mom always made it so. But also, when you are a little girl and an aspiring fashionista, an Easter dress is practically a couture gown. To this day, I still wander the little girl’s section of department stores cooing over all the magnificent creations. The pastels! The bows! The lace! The organza! I always felt like the belle of the ball in my Easter gowns. So really, what’s not to love? I picked one of my favorites from the oodles of Easter dresses I wore over the years.

Let’s all just ignore what a huge dork I am in this picture and just take a moment to admire the dress. I spy at least six (count ’em, six) tiers on this lovely. Three of which are lace. You can’t see the back of the dress but the presence of sash tells us that this dress probably had a seriously admirable bow in the back. Matching lace socks. And the hat. Oh, the hat. The mother of my then best friend owned a bridal shop and she custom-made this hat for me as a birthday present. It matched the dress perfectly and I spent weeks just admiring it before I was actually allowed to wear it. Not unlike my present-day getup.

This dress was purchased as part of my ongoing obsession with the color white, but was easily converted to mimic the Easter dress using a simple yellow tank and some pale yellow jewelry. It only boasts a modest three tiers, but I feel that may be more age appropriate. I just hope there isn’t an age cutoff for eyelet lace. I did feel a little silly posing for the husband out in public, today. We were amongst lots of families snapping portraits of their little daughters in Easter finery and it sort of drove home the point, that perhaps I’m getting a little old for kind of thing.

But secretly, I kind of wanted to plow right past them. Picture me, wired to the gills on coffee for the first time in over a month, running through the plaza in my lace and my heels. Yelling at the top of my lungs. Outta my way, girls. I AM STILL THE GRANDEST LADY IN THE EASTER PARADE. 

Dress – 5.7.9
Basic Yellow Tank – Work
Necklaces – Wet Seal
Shoes – Work
Bracelet – The Icing

Title courtesy of The Click Five – “Jenny”