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Happy Monday!

Well it took some doing, after I had such poor luck shopping in Santa Fe. I wanted to find more fun and original stuff for my giveaway but it never really worked out. Nevertheless, it’s giveaway time!

Since The Closet365 Project launched January 1st, I have worn and posted a different outfit, every day consecutively. This Saturday marks my 100th outfit. And to celebrate, I’m giving you guys a crack at this only slightly belated Easter basket of goodies.

As I said, it’s not what I originally intended but I hope you’ll be able to manage with chocolate, i-Tunes and fun accessories. Mostly I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your support and enthusiasm for the first 100 days of the project.

Entering is pretty simple too. In order to participate, I’m asking one thing: I want to know what you think my 100th outfit should be. I’ve been doing it every day for the past nearly 100 days, now it’s your turn to get creative! Pick a theme. Pick an inspiration. Whatever you want. Seriously.The only thing I would ask you to please bear in mind, is that I will be wearing it to work on Saturday. Otherwise, everything is fair game.

You have a little time to think. I’m accepting entries until midnight Thursday. I’m also disabling visible comments temporarily, so you don’t have to be shy. That means you lurkers! I will draw a winner at random and announce it Saturday while wearing the outfit specified by the winner. Easy enough?

Okay, go!

Title courtesy of CAKE – “Building a Religion”