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First things first, make sure and go enter the giveaway! You have until Thursday night. So far, I’m really impressed with the collective creativity. Keep it coming.

And if you’re really stumped for entry material, consider nominating my First Day of Spring skirt, as that may be it’s only shot to make an appearance. Sure, it looked sunny enough from the warmth of my living room this morning. It wasn’t until I decided to go for a run that I learned I was sorely mistaken. It was chilly and windy to boot. Not so fun to run in, although it did make a perfect excuse to help myself to the last of the coffee. I was chilled to the bone.

Also super difficult? Taking pictures in the wind. My tripod has already sustained its fair share of wind injuries this season, so I opted not to venture past the balcony. Even still, it was breezy. I’m not sure what’s up with this pose. It looks kind of like my default stance, when being approached by small children.

Feeling uber preppy today. Which, is kind of a departure from yesterday, but that’s just how I roll.

This dress is pretty cute. It was a $4 thrift find. What I didn’t notice when I bought it, is that it is most likely homemade. When I was ironing it, I noted that it has no tags and the stitching is incredibly simple. The fit even has a custom feel to it, which luckily fit me pretty well. Why anyone would donate such a cute handmade dress, is beyond me. But finders keepers, yes?

I’m also officially in love with my thrifted orange sweater. It was a bit of a splurge at Buffalo Exchange, but worth every penny for cashmere J.Crew in such a rad color. The J.Crew catalogue is pretty much my Bible, but I can’t afford a thing in it. Still, I’ve been ordering it for years. Since back when I was in college and I spent my computer class ordering catalogues with my newly-married last name. You know, for practice. I forget how to use a spreadsheet but I am well familiar with every J.Crew line for the past five or so years. You will be seeing more of this gem.

Dress – Thrifted
Sweater – Thrifted (J.Crew)
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted (White House Black Market)
Jewelry – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Geto Boys – “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta”