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Well, crap. I guess it’s time to get this show on the road. I’ve been procrastinating posting all night. In part, because I haven’t got a lot to say today.

I think I’m suffering from a little post-getaway funk. This week is severely lacking in chutzpah and I’m just kind of overwhelmed with stupid life stuff. Sometimes I wish this blog = life, but unfortunately it doesn’t and sometimes other stuff just overrides. Lame.

But anyway. If you are also having a lame week, consider watching today’s video. It makes me smile to think that Estelle and David Guetta can solve the worlds ills through dance, so maybe it will cheer you up too.


Super awkward photo shoot today. I’ve been excited to hit up this park, because I pass it nearly every day on my day to work. Well, today I finally had some extra time and stopped. As I suspected, there are a lot of good spots for photos. However, this particular park is apparently where all the city workers like to congregate in their trucks for no reason.

I kept waiting for the parking lot to clear out. But just as one would leave, another would pull in. I finally gave up and just started snapping. Like, buddy I may be a 27-year-old in pigtails taking pictures of myself, but you’re a 50-something city worker eating a breakfast burrito in a truck and watching me. I think we can both put aside our judgements from here out.

I’m quite pleased with today’s outfit. It’s all stuff from work and it just came together nicely, without a lot of thought. At work, we have a fairly lax dress code. (Don’t wear flip-flops, or labels from other stores. And don’t dress like a whore) But I prefer to wear clothes from work to work. It gives me a sense of purpose. Plus, it usually helps sell them. There is no greater compliment than having people want to buy something that you’re wearing. True story.

I’m also kind of in love with these gauzy flyaway cardigans. They’re perfect for spring because they’re lightweight and comfy. I want one in every color, but given how unnecessary that is, I went with navy. Which then just happened to look nice with my floral top and my navy belt. Done and done.

Now let’s all just hang in until the weekend. It’s going to be okay.

Title courtesy of David Guetta (Featuring Estelle) – “One Love”

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