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Greetings! I feel a little better today. It’s amazing what music can do sometimes. What happened was this: we got new music at work.

If you’ve ever worked retail or some job where background music is present, you know how awful it can be. Most places implement only a limited selection of music in the store and often, the music is only a couple of hours worth or less. Therefore, whatever you’re listening to, you listen to a lot. Even if it was a good song to begin with, chances are good that you’ll get sick of it. I feel pretty fortunate because the selection does change every month and we keep an archive of past months, in case we get too sick of the current rotation.

Although I’ve worked at places with way way worse music, (“Summer Breeze” anyone?) I’m still usually pretty unimpressed with my company’s taste in music. Thanks to my job, I have an unhealthy level of loathing for the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus is on very shaky ground. So today, when they decided to send a CD full of strange techno, I was totally stoked. I love oddball techno! It makes me want to get an asymmetrical haircut, move to an obscure European country and make bad art.

As you may have ascertained from the metric crapton of photos, I like today’s outfit quite a bit.

It was more of an accident than anything. I was trying on this cool nautical bolero as part of one outfit, and still fussing around with the skinny jeans for another, when it occurred to me that they might want to be friends. I introduced them, and they hit it off rather well. Although, they needed a chaperone. A pair of jeans and a crop top that doesn’t button would have been rather dicey for work, and for my comfort levels. While I am a fan of the current nautical craze, I wasn’t in the mood for nauseatingly nautical. After vetoing red, pink and yellow, I decided to go with this neutral tunic, to mitigate the affair. Blinged out with some gold chains, it was a full on party, today.

If you’re new to this blog (hello!) you should know that personification of clothing is a pretty regular occurrence. So far this year, I have married a jacket and had dalliances with about a dozen other inanimate objects. Some people have friends. I have my closet.

Nautical Bolero – 5.7.9
Tan Tunic – Vanity
White Tunic Tank – Work
Skinny Jeans – 5.7.9
Shoes – Work
Belt – Thrifted

Necklaces – Thrifted and Inherited
Bracelets – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Lil Wayne – “Got Money”