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Internet! What’s crackalackin’?

Can I just tell you that I am sometimes deeply saddened by my own writing style as it has come to pass on this blog? Not the overall content, but the small details. The use of ghetto slang, the hyperbole and what I consider to be massive abuse of exclamation points. I fear the day when I lose all grip and start using emoticons.

You see, I come from journalism where these things are strictly verboten. I have a degree. I once had a real writing job and everything. I was honed and edited. It was craft. And yet, day after day on this blog, I throw it all to the wayside. The exclamation point is in full force alongside the gross misuse of the English language. Sigh.  I have a minor in English. I should know better. I have a handful of writerly friends reading this blog, and I often imagine them shaking their heads at me with every unnecessary capital letter.

Sometimes, I think it’s rebellion. Like the way I stopped reading newspapers after I stopped working at one. But mostly, I think it’s an expression of how I feel about clothes. My passion for writing is a completely different thing from my enthusiasm for fashion. Please just know that my flagrant disobedience is not because I am a total moron. Rather, I break the rules out of love. And irony. And a love of irony. I think you get the point.

This is a landmark day of the season, breaking out the capris. I have a fierce love of capris. I love them even when they aren’t in style. Which is probably why I’ve had this pair going on five years. I have a friend who used to always pair dresses with denim capris and I thought it odd, but today I decided to brave it. I was nervous about it, but once it came together, I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner.  It works perfect on a springy day, with a too-short dress. Or… a skirt.

Speaking of complete disregard for the rules, I am wearing a skirt as a top today. I thrifted this skirt knowing that it had a busted zipper. I just knew I could do something with its irresistable prettiness. I will probably eventually fix that and wear it as a skirt proper, but in the interim I decided to mess around with it. Again, why did I wait so long?I love my shkirt.

Okay. Now she’s just MAKING UP WORDS. It’s anarchy, I tell you.

Top/Skirt – Thrifted (Dress Barn)
Jacket – Work
Capris – Wet Seal
Necklaces – Vintage/Ebay
Shoes – Work
Belt – stolen off a skirt

Title courtesy of Sublime – “April 29, 1992”