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Hooray! First thing of all – I have a thumbnails page again! My friend far more tech-savvy friend, T. was kind enough to compile it from my Flickr page. At last, you can see all the outfits together in one place. I love it. Go check it out and let’s have a round of applause for T! I owe her baked goods of some sort, since that is my standard currency when repaying friends.

I am kind of beat now. I had corporate visit today at my store, which always means advance preparation the week of, in addition to being on my A-Game all day. In retail, these suit visits tend to be a source of dread for managers, but I secretly love them. They mark some of the only times all year that I get any sort of pat on the back for the work that I do. It’s like report card day. Fifteen minutes of recognition for months of work. It went very well. Now somebody hand me five dollars, take me out for ice cream and we’ll call it a day.

So really, when the suits come to visit, I always have the same M.O., which is to look really professional while still incorporating merchandise from the store. Be a good brand rep and all that jazz.

I’ve been loving the gauzy floral detailing that’s been cropping up all over and was super excited when it finally hit my store. I snatched this tank up pretty much as soon as it arrived. Like, literally picked it up out of the box and said “MINE” and bought it. It’s one of the perks of my job. Today I added a sleeved shirt underneath for added coverage, but I look forward to wearing it alone on a hot day later this summer.

I also had a really hard time photographing this outfit. Bright neutrals and early morning sunshine may not mix on film, but in real life I find them splendid. It was a good day.

Striped Tank w/ Floral Applique – Work
Cream Burnout Tunic – F21
Necklace – Work
Pants – Thrifted
Shoes – Work
Bracelets – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Joseph Arthur – “In The Sun”