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I have a question about this week. Why isn’t it over yet. I could have sworn today was Friday and it is so… not. Oh well.

I neglected to thank you guys the other day for your reassurance about blog writing. I was relieved to hear that a) the majority of you don’t find my disregard for proper writing irritating and b) many of you do the same thing. I need to remind myself sometimes that this isn’t exactly Ruminations on Style with Jenny [LastName]. It’s just the Closet365 Project and really anything goes.

So anyway. This also reminds me that I need to collect links from all of you reading that are bloggers. I try to make my rounds to everyone but sometimes I miss a few. Drop me a line if you have a  blog and I haven’t checked it out yet. It’s been a busy week, but Sunday is catch-up day for me. I’ll be reading!

Did you ever buy something because you just had to have it, but you didn’t really have a clue on earth what you’d wear it with? I do this from time to time. Usually with some uncommon accessory that I’m sure will complete my life. The challenge then becomes to build an outfit around it. Enter: necklace.

I was a woman possessed, the second I saw this necklace. For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with Russian Petrushka dolls. Sadly, I own none. I stare at them all the time in gift shops and have always always always wanted a set. It’s usually either not the right set or the right price. But I love them. I think they are pretty much the shit and I will own some someday. Maybe a room of them.

In the meantime, I thought this necklace was pretty bomb in itself. The colors were easy enough to work with and I added a scarf because I didn’t feel I was meeting my scarf quota lately. It’s not an exact science but I can tell when I’ve been too long without one.

Dress – 5.7.9
Scarf – Work
Blue Ribbed Tank – Work
Necklace – 5.7.9
Cardigan – Wet Seal
Belt – Stolen off a shirt

Title courtesy of Regina Spektor – “Aprés Moi”