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Mary Mother, I am tired. I don’t mind to be so complain-y this week, but I guess I’m getting old. My people were getting together tonight for dinner and I was looking foward to seeing everyone but I had to skip out. Rumor had it that dinner wasn’t even going to materialize until sometime after ten and I can’t abide. I am antisocial enough after a long closing shift, but I’m even more of a jerk if you aren’t going to be organized and you aren’t going to feed me.

In any event, I just have to get through the Saturday shift. I have another free Sunday and I am loving it. I’m debating my options for a fulfilling day off. I could honestly use some retail therapy but I don’t need anything too terribly bad. Actually, I need new workout clothes but I have a hard time justifying the purchase of clothing that won’t make the blog. Workout attire theme week anyone?

I haven’t decided my plans, but I do know one thing – I am sleeping in.



I wasn’t crazy about the outfit today, but I did get a few compliments. So I guess we’ll call it a draw.

I love this soft pretty blouse that I thrifted. It’s from H&M and I am resigned to the fact that thrifting is the only way I will ever acquire anything from this magical place. You see, I hear talk of the Mecca, but I have never lived close enough to one to visit and shop. It remains elusive. I’m glad I found this blouse, even so. It was a little tricky to style. It did not want to be friends with my dress pants. I wanted to wear leggings but it was way too short. Luckily, this tunic tank of mine fits me like a dress and the rest fell into place.

I’m also still way distracted by my shaggy mane of hair. One more week until it gets the chop.

Blouse – Thrifted (H&M)
Tunic Tank – Work
Belt – Stolen off a skirt
Leggings – Work
Necklace – Work
Boots – 5.7.9

 Title courtesy of Sliimy – “Wake Up”