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Happy days are here again! It was gorgeous day to be off work and out and about. Instead of going shopping I slept in and went for a run. I am getting so pumped about this year’s race. Things have been falling into place slowly, and I feel like this is my year.

I know I am going to end up guilty of talking too much about it, but feel free to tell me to shut it, at any time. You won’t hurt my feelings. My late in life athletic pursuits never stop being amusing to me, because I was so not that way growing up. I hated gym class and all that it entailed. My sport was cheerleading. And not that cheerleading isn’t athletic. We worked our little butts off. But I was more into my sport for the dancing and the cute outfits and the ever-present excuse to wear body glitter. Sometimes when I am running and a good song comes on, I still fight the intrinsic urge to bust out some spirit fingers.


There may need to be an intervention between me and this purple shirt. Silly little $5 tee, and yet this is its third appearance on the blog. I just love it so much. Still, it did work perfectly to compliment this fun floral scarf. We will leave it be for now, but if it tries to sneak in again, I will make the husband hide it from me.

This rather intense eyelet skirt was also a fun find. I’ve spared you from the most intense part about it, which is its weird waistline made out of tan leather and a strange feather applique. Said waistline was a little on the large side, so instead I just pinned it and covered up the mountain man action. I find the rest of it quite lovely.

Also hooray for flip-flops. They are not a friend to the short girl, but such a beautiful day deserves the next best thing to bare feet. Let’s get some spirit fingers for spring!

Basic Purple Tee – Max Rave
Scarf – Thrifted
Earrings – Work
Skirt – Thrifted
Flip Flops – Local shoe boutique

Title courtesy of Patrick Park – “Something Pretty”