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Phew. Close call tonight. I left work, drove all the way to the other side of town and realized that I’d left my camera at work. I’d taken my pictures on the way to work, shoved my camera in my purse and then somehow left it in the cupboard at work. Brilliant. So, then I had to drive back later and retrieve it. There are two scenarios in which things could have been worse: if I’d just lost the camera somewhere in between OR if I hadn’t remembered when I did. I might have remembered a lot later upon sitting down to my computer and by then, the mall would have been all locked up.

So I guess, I can remain chill about the whole affair. Credit yoga and the fact that the night DJ on our student run radio was playing our title song on my way home. I don’t know who this phantom MC is, but I always forget that he or she shares my affinity for showtunes and occasionally it acts as a nice surprise to stumble across my favorite musical selections. It always cheers me up because I love musicals like an unholy lot.


Hmm, well. I love this outfit, but it didn’t photograph so swell. I really like taking pictures out in the sunshine on my way to work in theory, but I struggle a lot to get the right light this time of day. Then I scramble a bunch, get pissed off and look angry in photos. Drama. But anyway, I like the meld of colors going on. It’s pretty bold for me. And to think a mere year ago I was living in blacks and greys, save for the occasional jewel tone.

I think this is also a case of accessories making an outfit. A girl stopped me this morning and said You look so cute with all of your redness! and I found it interesting that she noticed the red first despite all the greens and teals going on. I like that, actually.

P.S. Friday is hair day. What ever shall I do with this hot mess of hair?

 Dress – Wet Seal
Flyaway Cardigan – 5.7.9
Belt – Wet Seal
Beaded Necklace – The Icing
Rose Necklace – Work
Shoes – Wal-Mart

Title courtesy of Wicked – “Defying Gravity”