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Dude. I forget what I was going to say. I came home from work and my whole house absolutely reeked from what was apparently a rather bitchin’ 420 party downstairs. I was aware of my lower-level neighbors habits, because the smoke tends to rise through the floor now and then, but this time they really outdid themselves. The place was hot-boxed. My cats were singing Afroman songs.  

But maybe it will improve my rather surly mood, that I’ve been in all day. At work they have a name for my grumpy alter ego. They call me Pissy Krissy. Which is sort of funny considering I’m at my least cranky at work. I mostly just stay quiet and busy. Productivity actually does much to abate the occasional black mood. Today, I worked on markdowns and it cheered me up a bit. Nothing like banishing a bunch of unwanted ugly clothes to the clearance racks to act as a cleansing.

I promise I wasn’t high when I put this together. If anything, I was in my mood and reeling from all of the color the past few days. I needed something dark and flowy to feel centered again. I love this strange embroidered top. I wore it a lot last summer, but it is sleeveless, so a cover-up was in order. And so, the uber-flowy cardigan came to the rescue. I did feel a bit hippie mama in this getup. But then someone told me I looked pretty, so then I upgraded to feeling like an important new age therapist.

Sometimes, in my line of work, I often get customers who solicit my opinion on the clothes. I actually hate when this happens because I refuse to lie to someone and tell them something looks good if it doesn’t. Luckily, things usually look cute and this isn’t an issue. But in the event that something looks hideous, I don’t tell them. Instead, I just tilt my head quizzically and answer their questions with my own questions.  “What do you think?” I ask them. “Do you like it?” This usually allows them to reach down deep within themselves and come to the right conclusion on their own.

Such retail therapy always makes me feel pretty clever but today I felt even more authoritative in my attire. Now, perhaps I should go stage an intervention with my toker neighbors downstairs…

Flyaway Cardigan – Work
Embroidered Top – 5.7.9
Pants – 5.7.9
Maroon Cami – Target
Shoes – Payless
Necklaces – Gift

 Title courtesy of Spoon – “The Way We Get By”