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Wheee! It’s raining right now, which means I’m a happy camper. It’s a fantastic storm and that makes me even happier. Rain is my most favorite kind of weather and I never tire of it. Colorado is stingy with it. So when it pours, I enjoy it for all it’s worth. I was really bad and skipped the gym so that I could come home, throw open the windows and listen to it.

It was actually quite serendipitous. I might have missed it altogether had I not a) Gotten stuck working late, b) Made an impromptu trip into Goodwill. I hadn’t been in a thrift store in awhile and my last few trips yielded nothing. I told myself it would just be a quick pop in, but that didn’t work out to so well. Not only did I score a handful of cheap dresses but I fell into a very strange vortex. Apparently, I have a wardrobe twin and they just donated a large haul of items I myself own. I spotted four pairs or shoes I currently own, three I used to own, two dresses, a skirt (which may have actually been mine, I’m not sure) and a handful of other recognizable items. It creeped me out. When I spotted a pair of red pleather pants similar to the ones I owned in high school (I said high school, don’t judge!) I knew it was time to bolt.

Speaking of new/old things. I have had this skirt for no less than five years. Ditto the scarf. I recall purchasing them the spring I graduated from college and I wore both of them often that summer. Although never together, strangely. I did my internship in Delaware and the light silky fabric of the skirt was perfect for sticky East Coast heat. I love the print so much that I’ve kept it all these years. Even after I moved to Texas and promptlybecame too fat and happy to wear it. Now I live in Colorado again. Miserable and skinny enough for my skirt. I’m kidding. Well, kind of. Sort of. Not really.

Anyway. I’m glad I didn’t happen across this skirt in Goodwill today, and that I’ve kept it all these years. It was the perfect antidote to the grey weather that’s been lingering for days. I looked up at the sky this morning and said to myself I need more yellow in my wardrobe. I really do. But in the meantime, my skirt happily heeded the call for brights. As long as we were going for bright I decided to chance this pink shirt. It tied in the colors in my headscarf. I adore the Mandarin color and probably should have just let it be. But I then I really went for broke by adding the beads. Oh well. Life…lemons…all that jazz.

This is an unusual silouhette for me, and I’d like it if only it didn’t make me look so ridiculously short. Even in my trusty Wal-Mart heels. I feel like such a dork with these things, as I’m a pretty hardcore Target snob. But at one point in time, I had only Wal-Mart access and I became addicted to these kitten heels.I had them in ever color, because they are amazingly comfortable for a simple heel. Eventually, I wore out the more stock colors and all that remains are the oldball lime green and red ones. Wal-Mart no longer carries them or else I’d brave a trip for more. I’ve spotted a couple pairs of the elusive White Stag kitten heels at Arc, but they want more for them than I originally ever paid and that irks me. I’m refusing to buy them on principal.

Head Scarf – Old (5.7.9)
White Boy Tank – F21
Pink Button Down – Wet Seal
Skirt – Old (Target)
Shoes – Walmart
Necklace – Claire’s

Title courtesy of Taio Cruz (Featuring Ludacris) – “Break Your Heart”