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Greetings! I’ll be quick because I’m not at home. We booked it out of town last minute and headed to Denver. I have no idea what we’re even doing here other than we just needed to hit the city. I packed in about five minutes once the hotel was booked. I threw a dress in a bag a long with my running shoes and a small makeup bag. And four belts, two necklaces and some scarves. What? I need options.

One of the reasons we had to ditch out was the weather. More rainy gloriousness today. I took one look out the window this morning and promptly declared it an umbrella day. One of the other managers at the mall laughed at me for toting my umbrella on the brief walk over to the bank. But seriously, we don’t get a lot of umbrella days where I live. I was going to take advantage of it. Besides, about five minutes after she cajoled me for it, it started to rain hard. And who stayed dry and cute, while the rest of the mall made a mad dash in their soaked hoodies? Yeah. That’s right.

Today’s outfit was primarily inspired by this posted over at Fashion Therapist. Tabitha’s cute black and white look totally sparked a brainstorm on my part. I knew pretty much instantly how I wanted to re-create it, but for the most part our weather has been too nice for black and white flannel. Then today, amidst Seattle-esque conditions, I knew it was time to strike.

I am used to dressing up a little black dress, instead of dressing it down. Still, after a week of feeling so-so about my outfits, this is finally an outfit I really love. Probably one of my favorites this year. It came out way more chic than I initially envisioned. And more of a head-turner. I got a lot of attention from older dudes today, which was…weird. The gentleman just appreciate a nice feminine/masculine dichotomy, I’m sure. All that was missing was some folksy French jazz rendition of “Whatever Lola Wants.” Echoing faintly as I sauntered down the mall halls. I hate it when life fails to cooperate with the movie version in my head. Otherwise, it was a good day.

Polo – Work
Flannel – Work
Dress – F21
Belt – Work
Shoes – Thrifted (Candies)
Earrings – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Rihanna (Featuring Jay-Z) – “Umbrella”