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Well…. that didn’t go exactly according to the plan. We are already back home from our incredibly brief jaunt, after the weather took a turn for the worse. We arrived kind of late, and found out that Priceline placed us at the Holiday Inn that Denver forgot. It was nice enough. Just an incredibly weird location that was close to downtown…yet…not? It was however the place to be for the mineral and gem convention. Which made for many good rock puns, if nothing else.

I have a handful of friends in Denver but it never feels polite to ring them up at the last-minute and be like Hey I’m here! Let’s hang out! And it was still raining in sheets, so downtown was ou. Instead we just stayed at the hotel. They had karaoke. I must say that karaoke is on my list of things to do before I die, because it’s a deep fear of mine and I feel it must be conquered. Alas, it didn’t feel like the right night to check that off my agenda at a seedy little place called Teddy’s amongst a bunch of rock nerds. And not that kind of rock.

This morning the rain continued and worsened. I wouldn’t have minded other than it put a damper on possible activities. The zoo, for example. Outdoor shopping. Etc. And then. It started to snow. Yes, really. Snow in April. No comment. It was then, that we decided to throw in the towel and head home. I guess this trip just wasn’t meant to be. Cest la vie.

A waste of a trip, also means a waste of a dress. In my haste to get out of dodge, I threw this newly-thrifted dress in a bag. I knew it would be easy to style and also match the shoes I already had with  me. Practicality, children.

I do quite like how it turned out. I thought this dress might be  a little long for me, but it really wasn’t, after all. I thought the colors might wash me out, but they didn’t. Its wonders never cease! It’s also incredibly lightweight and would have been perfect for a warm summer night. Today it was really chilly and stayed hidden under my scarf and jacket. Oh well. Maybe I will find another way to work it in months to come. It is the dress of surprises after all!

Dress – Thrifted
Belt – Thrifted
Necklace – Work
Shoes – Thrifted
Scarf – Work

Title courtesy of Outkast – “Ms. Jackson”