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Hello people! I hope this Saturday afternoon finds you happy.

I wanted to say briefly, that I’m sorry the blog has been kind of low energy lately. I suspected it all a long and then in looking at stats/comments for the week, I’m guessing you felt it too. Maybe it’s in the air. I don’t know. But it’s lame. Stop it, life energy. Stop being lame.

Tomorrow is another theme week for me. I’m a little nervous because it’s a little off-the-cuff for me but I’m also excited to try something different. I’m also a little worried I won’t have much to write about. So I’m just going to put this out there. If you like it you can take it, if you don’t, send it right back… I set up a Formspring. The link will be permanently on the sidebar over yonder. If there is anything you wish I’d write about or anything you want to ask, well… the world is your oyster. The anonymous option is enabled. I’m pretty much game for whatever, so ask away!

Notice I still have all my overgrown hair? Yeah. I rescheduled my hair appointment to accommodate our Denver trip and now I have to wait until Wednesday. Still no input on what to do with it? Okay then. Mullet it is.

Pretty simple outfit today. It’s super windy and cold out, so I took my in for another boot and scarf concoction. Black and yellow is one of my most favorite color combinations. Ever. It’s a nice twist on classic black and white. And you can never have too many excuses to wear a yellow scarf, in my humble opinion.

I am perilously close to breaking my own rule about leggings as pants here. technically my butt is still covered by my shirt, but not as much as I’d normally opt for. Whatev, I guess. It’s been a long/weird week and I’m headed out for a closing shift at the store. Comfort is the name of the game.

Happy weekend wishes to you all. Thanks for reading. Check back tomorrow for theme week and don’t forget to Formspring it up!

Yellow Scarf – Vanity
White Tee – Work
Chambrey Button-Down – Max Rave
Leggings – Work
Necklace – 5.7.9
Boots – Target

Title courtesy of The Long Winters – “Blue Diamonds”