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Top o’ the week to you! Question: do you guys consider Sunday the beginning or the end of the week? I think traditionally, the term “weekend” would suggest that Sunday is the close of things. However, pretty much everywhere I’ve ever worked has begun the week on Sunday and closed the books on Saturday. This has conditioned me to think of Sunday as being the start of a new week. But now I’m curious.

Speaking of questions for you guys, I didn’t get any takers on the Formspring thing. So I’ve scrapped that plan and come up with a better one: enough about me. Let’s talk about you guys! All this week, I’ve decided to play Get To Know The Readers and ask you questions instead. We’ll start with the basics: What’s your first name? How old are you? Where do you live?

You don’t have to answer any of those if you don’t want to, but it would mean a lot to me to learn more about who’s reading. And I promise I’m not a stalker. I can’t even manage to make it out of town for more than a few hours, it seems. Let alone show up on your doorstep. Then again, you never know. I barely clear the peephole. I could be standing outside your door RIGHT NOW.

 So…theme week. It has begun. It just won’t be readily apparent what I’m up to until tomorrow. So allow me to explain:

You like this dress? I do. I mean, it’s pretty cute right? Brilliant color and pattern. Flattering cut. Good. I’m glad we agree, because you’re going to be seeing a lot of this dress. Seven days worth, to be exact. For this week’s theme, I’m challenging myself to one dress – seven outfits. The dress will be the base of the outfit, yes. But everything else will be different. The challenge is to make seven distinctly different outfits, using the same piece.

Today, I played around with quite a few accessories before I decided to be true to the dress’ roots. Its roots being the color red. (Unlike mine. Shuddup.) I whipped out just about every red accessory, I own and decided to run with it. I actually quite like the monochromatic action. I didn’t even make it to my car this morning at home, before a girl stopped me and complimented the dress. So I took that as a good sign. Perhaps we’ll keep a compliment tally this week and find out which styling garners the most fans.

A little different, yes. But hopefully you guys won’t be bored. The idea came about because I loved this dress so so so much. And yet, every time I went to wear it, I remained completely undecided about how to style it. Despite its uniqueness, it’s actually quite versatile. Sure, I could space it out over the course of the year but I’m um… not that organized.

We will see how much I love this dress after I’ve worn it a week straight. If nothing else, we’ll see how many confused looks I can get from people who see me frequently in daily life. If I fail at my mission, they’ll be like WHY are you wearing that dress AGAIN? If I succeed, the repeat will go unnoticed. Here goes nothin’…

Dress – Thrifted (Fossil)
Red Rouched Tank – Work
Belt – Thrifted
Bracelet – Work
Red Beads – The Icing
Red Flower Pendant – DIY
Shoes – Local shoe boutique

Title courtesy of Fiona Apple – “Red, Red, Red”