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Well hey! I’m excited to see you guys again. Now that we’ve made introductions and what-not. I feel like we know each other now. We’re practically BFF. No? Okay. Well, how about some more questions for you guys?

Since it’s get to know the readers week, I’m going to be asking questions all week for you guys to answer. You don’t have to answer, but it totally makes my day if you do.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, I have a few fashion-related questions. Since it is a blog primarily about clothes. You don’t have to care about clothes to answer though. Promise. Today’s questions: What is your favorite color to wear? What spring trends are you digging this year? and What item are you currently coveting for your own wardrobe?  I’ll probably answer my own questions at the end of the week in one post. But for now, it’s all you guys. Do tell!

If you just tuned in, or you skimmed yesterday, worry not. You are not having deja vu. Something is familiar here because April theme week is all about remixing one dress, seven ways. Read more about it here. I am actually making it a secondary goal to not reuse any pieces besides the dress. All the accessories are slowly accumulating in my gym bag. It’s going to be a hot mess at the end of the week, but that’s okay. Method to the madness.

Day two. I decided to wear my dress as a blouse. I was a little nervous about this. Once the skirt was on, the top suddenly reminds me of beach attire. Luckily, the skirt balances it out to a sort of summery vintage look. Think Betty Draper meets Jimmy Buffett. Not exactly low key. But definitely a mixer I’d RSVP for. Add some shells and and sandals and it’s practically mojito hour. But as for me, I went to work instead.

So far, no one is really the wiser to my challenge. I did clue in one employee who is an astute observer of the project, but otherwise, there’s only a small handful of people that I see more than once a week. Tomorrow, I’ll see some of the same casual acquaintances around the mall, so there is potential for it to get interesting. I will let you know. One compliment today, so the tally is even thus far.

Dress/Top – Thrifted (Fossil)
Skirt – Thrifted (Vintage?)
Belt – Thrifted
Necklace – Wet Seal
Earrings – Wet Seal
Shoes – Thrifted (Steve Madden) 

 Title courtesy of Fiona Apple – “Red, Red, Red”