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Hello, Hello!

How did Wednesday treat you? I have to say I love, love, loved all the answers to yesterday’s music questions. If you haven’t answered go back and do so. Or at least read them. The concert tales are my favorite.

For today I have a few more questions to get to know the readers. Today we’ll play it random: What do you do for a living? What is your favorite smell? Pet peeves?  and… What did you eat for lunch? Those are questions everyone can answer, yes? Or at least choose a couple of them. You know you want to. Or at least you know that I want you to.

So, I got some bangs today. I think I like them. They were a little Betty Page for my taste, when I first left the salon, but I’m not gonna lie. I lightened them up a little with my own clipping shears when I got home. I’m not usually one to go DIY on my own hair, but trust me. They look better than they did. Color-wise, after careful consideration I’ve got back to my native brown. I was going to go red one more time before summer but thought this color would better suit the cut.

One dress. Day four. As theme week continues, I decided to go sophisticated. Partly in celebration of my new haircut, but also because we just don’t get enough opportunities to wear trench coats and big sunglasses. We really don’t. The dress continues to surprise me, in its ability to take on the properties of its surroundings. It totally chicified itself with the addition of bright jewelry and secret agent lady accessories. That’s what I’m calling this look. Secret Agent Lady. I have totally always wanted to be a detective and I think I’d be good at it. I already watch “Law & Order: SVU” like it’s my job. Plus, I’m nosy. I’m able to slip through a crowd unnoticed. And I like doughnuts. Why didn’t they ever put those things on career aptitude tests?

 Dress – Thrifted (Fossil)
Necklace – Wet Seal
Trench – 5.7.9
Shoes – Charlotte Russe

Title courtesy of Fiona Apple – “Red, Red, Red”

 p.s. More pictures behind the cut!