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Guess what, people? It’s May today! That means that the year (and the project) is already a third of the way over. CRAZY! Where has the time gone? And what have I done with my life this year? Nothing really. Besides wearing 121 different outfits. You?

Here are a couple of quick questions for the people reading on a Saturday. Let’s get to know all two of you! Ha.

Letterman or Leno? Passenger or driver? Chocolate or vanilla? Morning person or night owl?



I went casual with the dress today and played off its neutral undertones. Instead of throwing something over the top, I opted to tuck the top of the dress down in and wear it as a long-ish skirt. Scarf today, because I couldn’t go an entire week without one. Blasphemy! That dress needed a scarf!

In the interest of full disclosure, I wore this outfit most of the morning but did not wear it to work. The folded-in top looks cute but did not move well. Saturdays at work involve a lot of strenuous customer service Kung Fu, and I feared tearing my beloved dress. Although we are quite ready for our space from one another, I do feel pretty attached to the dress now. I would be devastated if any ill fate should befall her. I changed into a casual outfit for work. One-third complete, I felt like I deserved a wee break from the project. Not to mention the dress. Happy Saturday all!

 Dress/Skirt – Thrifted (Fossil)
Basic Tan Tee –  Work
Necklace – The Icing
Scarf – Work
Shoes – Thrifted (Kate Spade)

Title courtesy of Fiona Apple – “Red, Red, Red”

That said, I made it! Mission accomplished: seven outfits, seven different looks, in seven days. Using only one dress. And not a single repeat accessory to be found! I must say that I found this theme week way more fun, challenging and inspiring than I ever could have imagined. I urge anyone who is bored with their wardrobe to give it a shot sometime.

Here are all seven looks.


Beachy and Bloused


Lady Secret Agent

Whimsically Winterized

Darn Tootin’

In Neutral

Which is your favorite?