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Good evening! Sundays always find me blogging late because I always, always, always get out of work late on Sundays. Someone needs to send a mass bulletin out. Citizens of the world: the mall closes at 6:00 on Sundays. Yes, really. Now go home. But no. Every Sunday, without fail, people walk in the door at 6:00 and then more people come at 6:05 and 6:10 and so on, because we cannot close the doors until every last customer has been taken care of.

It was an eventful weekend. I busted a shoplifter, yesterday. And I cannot tell you how long I’ve been waiting to do that. I’ve been at my job for two years, and the first year and a half was spent under extreme stress and constant drama due to shoplifters and the losses they caused our store. More recently, I have regulated to the point that it’s no longer really an issue. Still, there are times when it gets busy and you can’t catch everything. In this instance however, I knew what happened as soon as it did. Called mall security and had the little thief hauled back into my store. I’m not gonna lie. I thoroughly enjoyed the look on her face when I told the security guard we would be prosecuting. It was the highlight of my weekend. Maybe my year.

With my BFF – the red dress – retired graciously to my closet, it was weird getting dressed again, for real. I was kind of at a loss but then I spotted this fun slouchy skirt I’ve been hanging onto for a few. My wardrobe is always in need of more green. I’m not sure how I usually feel about tulip skirts. Not all of them are flattering, but I liked this one well enough.

It might even be a little big, but I thrifted it new with tags, and haven’t washed it yet. I know, I should probably be more squeamish about unwashed clothes. In truth, I never wash something before first wear, (non-thrifted things, I mean) because the feeling of a new garment is one my favorites in the world. I of all people should know how foully misinformed, that is. I sometimes put away the same items dozens of times from my fitting rooms before they get sold. Who knows where it’s been. And yet I insist on wearing things in their original condition before it ever hits my washer. Insist. It hasn’t killed me yet, but if you’re grossed out now, I do apologize. Can we still be friends?

Skirt – Thrifted (Merona NWT)
Basic Black Tee – Work
Capri Tights – Target
Shoes – Thrifted
Black Bangle – Work
Scarf – Work
Necklace – Work

Title courtesy of Sean Kingston – “Face Drop”