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It’s days like today that I envy other outfit bloggers. You know. All the ones who weren’t crazy enough to commit to 365 outfits in 365 days. Those people get to take days off, when they get sick or just not up to blogging. Both of which I am today. Alas, the show must go on.

I feel a teensy bit better today but still utterly crappy. I take back all the times this year when I’ve stared longingly at the couch, the bed, my television set. Wishing I could do nothing but lay around all day and rot my brain. I’ve done precisely that, today and it was not fun. I feel lazy and bored and stir crazy. HATE being sick.

Last picture in front of this green door. The painters literally just got done on my balcony and the door is now maroon. I kind of preferred the green. Sad day.

I threw this on long enough to go to the store and get more Thera Flu. That’s about it. Although I do love this necklace. And capris. And big sunglasses. I felt better for the brief time I spent out in the world in civilized clothes. But then I felt feverish again and took a very long nap.

I have a big stack of movie musicals lent to me by one of my employees. I’m currently watching “Mamma Mia” which I’ve never seen. I’m going to veg out and hopefully feel much better tomorrow. Count on it.

Sweater – Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Capris – Thrifted (Express)
Wedges – Wet Seal
Necklace – 5.7.9

 Title courtesy of 3OH!3 – “Colorado Sunrise”