Happy Cinco De Mayo! I had a bad pun in mind, owing to the fact that I am still sick, but I won’t inflict it on you. I’m pretty nice like that.

Ugh. I’m at the point of trying to fake wellness, in hopes of actually cultivating some. I’m up and dressed and going to run some errands. But truth be told, I’d rather just crawl back into bed. This has been just an awful couple of days. I feel unproductive, disconnected and behind on about a billion things. I haven’t even been reading other blogs or been able to comment much. For what it’s worth, I’m sure you all look fabulous.

Tah-dah! No more green door. But many thanks to the painters for changing my backdrop. Thus saving me from having to go out and run around in my sicklike condition.

There is no real point to today’s outfit. I just wanted to pile on fifty bajillion layers because I am freeeeezing. Otherwise, I got nothing. I was going for comfortable, but I do like the sort of menswear feel that this outfit took on. My little yellow cardigan looks sort of like a vest under all those layers. And of course we have the uber comfy Banana jeans. Can’t go wrong with those.

My apologies for how boring and awful the posting has been as of late. It bothers me probably even more than you. But I am taking care of myself and crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery. I have been lucky enough to have been off work yesterday and today allowing me to rest up. Tomorrow it’s back to work and I just want to feel better dammit! I’m tired of whining and feeling like a slob. Send get well vibes my way, if you got some extra ones to spare. Please and thank you.


 Title courtesy of The Sounds – “Hit Me”