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Well, if you’re still with me after such a craptacular week, I can only assume you are a) a true friend or b) a rubbernecker. Either is fine. I love a good trainwreck myself. You may have tuned in just to see if I’ve caved and donned my pajamas yet. Not so much. As tempting as it may be, I think the only time I would ever cave and do that is if I were deathly ill or pregnant, and I am neither. Did you hear that just now? That was the collective sigh of my mother and a bunch of lurker in-laws. Sorry guys. No dice.

But anyway. The nasty cold/flu continues to linger and I’m at the point of being unapologetically grumpy, but persisting nonetheless. I woke up this morning groggy and still icky feeling, and thought oh if only I just had a day to sleep in. To which I was like um are you kidding? That’s practically all you’ve done since Monday is sleep. Get to work you worthless little punk. Stop whining. Get your rear in gear. HUSTLE! Because I talk to myself like a football coach in a badly scripted teen flick. I really do.

In any event, it was back to work for me. In an attempt to brighten my own day, I did put some effort into getting dressed. I look like a stand-in for a lost Winona Ryder flick. But whatever. I also bought myself a latte and found a Gaga mix CD in my glovebox that I’d thought was lost forever. Textured tights in May? Why not? I’m a free bitch, baby.

I may still sound like a pack-a-day smoker going through puberty. I’ve been carded for Nyquil more times this week than I care to admit. But I worked nine hours, ran three miles at the gym and solved a “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle with only one letter. I’m as close to back, as I’m going to get.

Skirt – Max Rave
Belt – Thrifted
Basic Red Tee – Work
Scarf – Thrifted
Sweater – Target
Textured Tights – 5.7.9
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Lady Gaga – “Just Dance”