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You know what kind of sucks as you get older? Getting the mail. When I was younger, I used to love getting the mail because it always had the potential to hold such treasures. I knew the approximate arrival time of the mail every day and would often bolt to the mailbox to see if perhaps it held something for me. A birthday card with a $5 bill perhaps? A letter from one of my bajillion penpals? A catalogue even. Who knew?! It was all too exciting.

These days, in addition the ever-lame bills I get, I get something worse. I get “announcements.” So-and-so is having a baby! Smarty McSmarterson is graduating! Such-and-such are getting married and they’re registered at Bed Bath & Beyond! (Don’t ever do that to me, by the way. I am an old school Emily Post etiquette Nazi and few things leave me more aghast than a listing your registry on a formal invite. Every time a registry card comes tumbling out of an invitation, a piece of my soul dies.)

Opening the mail these days is like a real-time version of Facebook. Quick! Look! Someone somewhere is doing something important with their life and you’re not! Only it’s worse with the mail because you are additionally expected to buy something or be somewhere or both. It’s exhausting. God, I’m a curmudgeon today. Ignore me.

When every manner of home remedy has failed to make me feel better, I have one last resort for what ails me. It’s called Put On A Cute Dress. Still coping with the longest ever minor illness, I decided to go for broke this morning and pull out this dress. I’ve been saving it for some time and felt bad wasting it on a Saturday, but I was desperate. It’s a rather summery frock, so it’s not as if I won’t be able to rework it at a later junction.

It didn’t really do much for my nagging cough or the fact that it hurts to breathe, but it did make me feel pretty and garnered a few compliments. So, I call it a win.

Still leaning heavily on the neutrals, but I managed to work a little color in today. If I have to wear a super cute dress every day until I feel 100% better, so help me, I will. Not that anyone will terribly mind. Maybe I can even send out an announcement about it. It’s not a baby or a bachelor’s degree, but who doesn’t love a cute dress?

Dress – Wet Seal
Rouched Tank – Work
Belt – Stolen off a skirt
Jacket – Work
Shoes – Work
Necklace – Work

 Title courtesy of Barenaked Ladies – “Another Postcard”