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Hello. First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there! I hope all the mommies are having the best day ever. Sadly, I was not able to do much celebrating with my own mommy and mother-in-law. Rain checks are in the mail, I promise.

What happened, was I was struggled through work yesterday. Was up half the night coughing and in pain. When I finally did get some rest, I totally overslept. Tried to get up and around, tried to go for a run, tried to get things done and my body just wasn’t having any of it. After reaching the brink of my frustration with this illness I finally caved and went to the local urgent care clinic.

Long story short. I sat in triage forever and a day. Read an old issue of “People” cover to cover. Sat some more. Listened to soft rock until I wanted claw my own ear drums out and finally got seen. I have an upper respiratory infection. They gave me a lung treatment, since I was having trouble breathing and sent me on my merry way with some antibiotics. Here’s hoping I can finally kick this shit to the curb and get back to normal life.


I threw this on for the sake of posting. It’s nothing special, I know. A little bit church ladyish. Although. How good was SNL last night with Betty White? Kinda sad that they had to bring back the old cast to make the show funny again. But I wasn’t complaining. And a Jay-Z medley to boot? I coulda died happy.

But anyway. Thanks for sticking it out with me, if you’re still reading. I know that outfits were mostly boring this week, and the whining was excessive. And I’m sorry. It’s kind of sad, but among the final straws to get me to go to the doctor today, was when I came thisclose to not getting dressed or posting. I look forward to blogging for the most part every day. So when it almost wasn’t going to happen, that’s when I knew something must be truly wrong.

When I was leaving the clinic today, I noticed some lilacs blooming and it made me realize that I nearly missed the dawn of real spring this week. Lilacs are pretty much my favorite smell in the entire world. It would be such a shame to miss out. So here’s to feeling better and getting back on track. And cuter outfits. Can I get an Amen?

Title courtesy of Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg – “Mother Lover” (sorry, I had to)