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Hey internet, hey! Thanks to the aid of antibiotics, I am finally feeling slightly spunky again. Not 100% myself, but well on the way. It’s a weird feeling after a week of feeling just absolutely supressed and listless. But hooray, nonetheless.

Hence the fact that I’m throwing out impudent greetings. Sometimes I have to be careful to avoid talking like a bad chick lit novel. Blogspeak is full of such borderline clichés, but I try to avoid the trap. I once when on a several-month long chick lit bender and I am still scarred from it. True story. In 2007, I did NaNoWriMo. Now, it’s always been my ambition to write a chick lit novel parody for the sole purpose of bashing the genre and my NaNo novel was a precursor to that. However, in order to really immerse myself in that vein of writing I read nothing but the fluff for several months straight. Oh, it was painful. For every half decent chick lit novel out there, there are ten bad ones.

One in particular (I can’t remember the title, I’ve selectively blocked it) was filled with made up slang. And fetch was so not happening no matter how hard the author was trying. It was worse than trying to read a text message conversation between two eighth graders. OMG. FOR REALSIES. I still think about that book a lot when blogging, and remind myself not to go there. In case anyone asks, I did finish my novel that November, but it will never see the light of day. It was awful and I don’t mean awesomely awful, the way I’d always dreamed of. I mean, just plain awful. I would love to write a real book someday, but NaNo was not the format for me.

Apologies for the lack of quality imagery today. There was a mishap and I was without my tripod. I don’t really want to talk about it.

But speaking of beach reads: (I’ve missed reader questions) what’s on your summer reading list?


Can you tell I am just dying for some summer action myself? Nevermind that I got dressed and wrote the bulk of this post this morning before IT SNOWED. Yeah. You read that right. As of this moment, I have no comment.

But at the time, I was pretending like it was actually going to be nice out. Hence, the summery dress. Actually, I’m not sure if this is a dress or not. It has loops where straps should be, but I thrifted it sans straps. I think it could be a dress, but because it’s a little on the short side, I made it into a sort of skirt/top today. With the aid of jeggings, natch. (Okay, I can’t help myself when it comes to “natch.” I used to read a lot of Ted Casablanca gossip columns. Forgive me.)

I long for the days when I can maybe transition this dress/skirt/top/whatever into a cute little strapless number with some flip-flops. I think it would look great with some shell jewelry and big sunglasses. But by the looks of things… that may be awhile.

Purple Top – Thrifted
Belt – Stolen off a shirt
Jeggings – 5.7.9
Necklaces – The Icing
White Tee – Work
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of The Pussycat Dolls – “I Hate This Part”