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Ahhh. Freedom. After a super and exhausting long day, I taste the freedom that is a day off tomorrow. I am so excited, because this will be my first day off in over a week that wasn’t spent miserably ill AND it is thrifting time! I am so in a state of bliss right now.

I’m also wearing cozy yoga pants and hoodie. I don’t know about you guys. I love dressing up, but at the end of the day I am practically out of my cute outfits before I get in the door. I’m running in from my car, necklaces flying, shoes unbuckled and into my PJs in about two seconds flat. The husband gripes because I “dress up for everyone else, but then come home and change into scrub clothes.” I feel bad. Strangely, he doesn’t adhere to this concept himself. He’ll be sitting down after a 12-hour work day and I’ll be like, were you gonna take off your tie? I didn’t think we needed to be fancy to watch Netflix and eat dinner off our coffee table. But yeah.




Right. So. Despite what it looks like, I did not stockpile a bunch of outfit photos back in early December and then try to pass one off as a new post on a lazy day. You are looking at the weather au courant in Colorado as of this morning. You know. May 12th.

So what does one do when dressing for a snow storm in the GD middle of spring? Well, there was the usual route – crying, screaming, kicking things – and there was the road less traveled. I stood in my closet and thought how can I make the most of this opportunity? What seasonal favorites could I resurrect that didn’t get enough play in the winter months and give them their chance to shine once more. I resurrected this cardigan, some leggings. Grabbed my boots and shrugged.

I know. I am such a positive person. I really am. You’re probably wondering how you too might be more like me? Cultivating positivity and radiating rainbows from your every pore. It’s very simple really. Come closer and I shall tell you… I drink a lot of coffee and I listen to a lot of age-inappropriate bubble gum pop. And that has made the difference. All the difference.

Ribbon Wrap Cardigan – Work
Rose Trim Striped Tank – Work
Necklace – Wet Seal
Blue Tunic Tank – Work
Leggings – Work
Buckle Boots – Work

Title courtesy of Gwen Stefani – “Early Winter”