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Hello and Happy Thursday! The good news is, your week is probably mostly over. I was off today, and I can’t even tell you how much needed it was. Although, it was not a day spent relaxing or lounging around, but a hardcore thriftstravaganza. After several reschedules, and a week that dragged on for.ev.er. The Mom and I finally got our richly deserved break from reality and headed out to explore yet another faction of our fair state. (And by fair, I mean stupid, square-shaped, nothingsville with tempestuous awful weather. But who’s bitter?)

It was my turn to drive, and I can honestly say I enjoy city driving now. I used to hate any and all driving, but now I sort of like exploring and navigating. You know what’s equally fun to explore and navigate? New thrift stores. We hit up quite a few new haunts, in addition to the ever faithful Buffalo Exchange. I must say, I had decent luck. It took a little more digging than usual, a lot of trying on, and listening to awesomely bad thrift store music. But I came home satisfied and pretty well set for summer. I have lots of new fun goodies that I can’t wait to show off. The Mom found a bunch of cool books, of which I was sort of jealous but my love of books is a whole other blog. Bookshelf365 anyone? Oh man. I should not have even thought of that just now.

If anything, I have determined that I need to acquire some sort of social life. Like, one that consists of more than sitting at my computer? Crazy talk, I know. But reason being, it’s more fun to prance around in a cute outfit if there are people to fawn over it. Not that I’m vain or anything. Okay, maybe a little. Maybe I’ll put an ad on Craigslist. Adventure-seeking cool person, seeks entourage for the purpose of doing semi-interesting things, and admiring my outfits. Must love coffee and talking shit. Interest in fashion a plus. And also please don’t be creepyOr be creepy, but don’t expect to meet me and instead expect to be mocked incessantly on my blog. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Omigod. It may not mean much to you guys, and that’s fine. But I have to tell you how totally freaking STOKED I am that this dress finally made the blog. It’s not new or even particularly fancy, but it is a favorite of mine. I bought it last fall and it was one of those things where I looked at it and became convinced that its purchase and subsequent wears would change my life. Tell me I’m not the only person who has done this? I was just sort of sold on the idea that wearing this dress would instantly make me seem more colorful and quirky and therefore make my life moreso.

It sort of did the first time that I wore it. And then, I washed it. I washed it with the utmost care – in cold water, no dryer – and still it shrunk horribly. Its once perfect attention to my shape, was only a memory. It now completely overexposed my bustline and the print fell in awkward places on my hips. I sobbed and threw it across the room screaming I HATE YOU CHEAP CLOTHES. I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU. THIS HURTS ME MORE THAN IT HURTS YOU.

In months since, I have tried and tried to re-style the dress with a variety of undershirts and clever layering to no avail. Until today. In a fit of desperation to get dressed, I gave the dress one last shake. I added an almost identically colored tank to the top (something I’d never tried before) and this flyaway cardigan and stood scrutinizing before the mirror? Could it be? Could it really be? Dress lover is that you? AMORE! IT IS. Reunited at last, I threw on some accessories and went out to claim the day.

 Dress – F21
Flyaway Cardigan – Work
Belt – Thrifted
Green Tank – Work
Shoes – Wal-Mart
Necklace – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Little Boots – “New In Town” 

(Bonus! Totally unintentional, but I’m pretty convinced this video is a visual representation of the afformentioned Craigslist scenario.)