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Well, it’s Friday night. And the moon is right. Gonna have some fun, show you how it’s done… Oh I miss TGIF. I remember watching “Full House” every Friday. Eating some Pizza Hut pizza. Maybe a Pepsi, if the party were to really get going.

Did anyone else feel like this was a long week? Although I went to the doctor on Sunday, I still spent the bulk of this week recovering from Das Uber Respiratory Infection. My lingering death rattle of a cough has actually taken on a new form of annoyance – I now have what feels like a pulled muscle on my left side. Fun times. If by fun times, you mean massively uncomfortable. I generally hate taking pills other than vitamins and the occasional ibuprofen, but last night I broke down and took a vicodin that we happened to have. I thought it might help with the pain or at least make me acerbically witty like my TV boyfriend, Dr. House. It didn’t really do much of anything, but I did wake up this morning feeling much better.

I felt better enough to go for a run, which I haven’t done enough of since being sick. I’ve been very careful to take it easy, despite how much I hate it.  My 10k race is a mere 18 days away and I was freaking out a little about the training setback. No matter though. I think I still have plenty of time to hit my very best stride and I am still very excited. The mend – I be on it.

I’m having a bit of casual Friday outfitwise. I really wanted to wear something new from thrifting yesterday, but truth is that everything is still in bags in my car. I was pretty beat from all the shopping. And I have plans for a massive closet organization on Sunday. I keep the Closet365 closet pretty neat in spite of alllll the stuff that is in there. However, with the project halfway point fast approaching, I want to take stock and do a little sorting. Maybe even pack away some winter clothes. One can dream, right? And if it snows in July,well then… I’ll just be S.O.L.

I really like this vest. I don’t think vests are oh-so in right now, but I felt like taking this dressy-ish piece and dressing it down. I’m not sure what you call this look – Sassy Conductor, maybe? Professor Skinny Jeans? – but I like it for a quiet Friday. It was finals week, so the mall has been practically deserted. The transition of school being let out is a strange time. I’ve got employees coming and going. People moving in and out of our building. It’s changing of the guards, and there’s a hint of summer about. But in light of the lingering crispness today, I’m enjoying my cardigan and my skinny jeans once more.

Sweater – Max Rave
Basic Grey Tee – Work
Skinny Jeans – 5.7.9
Vest – Thrifted
Necklace – 5.7.9
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Dizzee Rascal – “Bonkers”