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Saturday night, y’all! What big adventures do you (did you) have planned for the evening? I have to say, that my Saturday nights are up there among lamest things ever. Every Saturday, I lament how much I’d like to be getting dressed up and going dancing, yet it never happens. I haven’t been dancing in a year. Literally a year. I kept track.

In fact, the majority of weekend nights, find me at home. I peace out of work in the early evening. Usually hit up the gym. Come home and eat chicken and brown rice with steamed veggies alongside the husband and our cats. We watch some TV and then go to bed like a couple of old dorks. But only after our Sleepytime Tea. The tea is very important in our household. I daresay we’re addicted. We once ran out and then laid awake for hours whining about the fact that we had not had our Sleepytime Tea. That is until I remembered that I might not have taken my mug from the night before to the sink. It might still be on my desk, tea bag in tact, at that very moment. Did we dare? We did. The husband went and located my mug and then brewed us both mug, albeit a weak one, of secondhand tea from the previous night’s teabag.

I probably shouldn’t have told you that just now, but I think it’s important to speak out. Sleepytime Tea dependency can be a very harrowing thing. If you or someone you know is struggling, you should know that you don’t have to go it alone.

Another pretty low-key outfit, today. That is, if leopard print tights could ever be considered low-key. I guess I feel boring on the days that my outfits don’t contain a terrible lot of layers or bells and whistles, or sequins. But simple really is better sometimes, no?

You’ve seen this skirt once before on Valentine’s Day. I just love it, and I’ve been dying to give it another wear, ever since. The skirt almost reminds me of a tutu with its gauzy little layers. Which, is probably why I opted for a vaguely ballerinaesque styling. The fitted v-neck top and tights. I have always wanted a tutu. I just never quite made it that far in ballet, before I wanted to try tap dance, and then jazz, and then piano lessons, and so on.  I’m sure classy prima ballerinas don’t wear leopard print. But moderately chic, 27-year-old weekend warriors, with nostalgic leanings? We do. We so totally do.

Skirt – F21
V-Neck Top – Work
Tights – 5.7.9
Shoes – Payless
Necklace – Work

 Title courtesy of Paul Simon – “Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes”