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Life is good tonight. I have a day off tomorrow and I bought new running shoes! Hoorayness!

After much debate, I settled on a shiny new pair and then took my little lovelies for a run. Perfect weather, and just in time to catch the sunset. It was awesome. I am still not quite up to par time-wise, thanks to my stupid side injury. But the pain is getting less…painful…and I’ll hopefully be fully recovered in time to pull off a good race.

I know the running talk is probably boring those of you who prefer to get your cardio shopping (and rightfully so!) but I think fitness fiends and fashionistas can agree on one thing, and that’s the goodness of new shoes. I am fond of the saying: change your shoes, change your life. Plus, I can also tell you that my training has inspired a pretty kickass theme week coming soon. Can you believe it’s almost the last week of the month again? Yeah, me neither.

This came out more pioneer than I was going for. I was aiming for something along the lines of boho, with my pattern mixing and my dusty blue color scheme. Maybe a little hipster, in a thrifted I ♥ Ronson frock. Actually In the last week alone, not just one, but two people have told me that my haircut makes me look like Katy Perry. This kind of makes me want to shoot myself in the face. I mean have you heard the abomination that is “California Girls”? Although, I think they meant well. So just call me Katy Prairie. (With the “Sex and the City” sequel coming up, is anyone else on a bad puns kick?)

It was supposed to be a little rainy and chilly today. Not that I ever really dress for the weather. It just makes more sense to me to cover a dress up on first wear, and then reveal the whole form at a later date. Hence the layering. The belt came attached to the dress and it was so cute I couldn’t bear to leave it out. I did a little fancy tucking and turned my striped shirt into a cropped jacket of sorts. A customer took notice of my handiwork and then felt comfortable consulting me for belt advice. She walked out of my store with three new belts. So see, my inclusion wasn’t for naught.

It’s still kind of weird to me that I wear belts so much, now. I used to think belts were a waste of time, and only for the very petite. At a store, where I once worked, I was known as the belt guru. Not because I wore the belts but because I was the only person patient and OCD enough to straighten our hot mess of a belt rack day after day. At the end of the day, my belts would glisten in neat rows by color and size, but they never followed me home. These days, I can scarcely put together an outfit without one. Curious. Still, it feels good to be properly anointed the belt guru once more. I’ll take that over Katy Prairie any day.

 Dress – Thrifted
Striped Button Down – 5.7.9
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Madeleine Peyroux – “Dance Me To The End of Love”