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So I have discovered one very minor downside to this whole summer thing. It’s going to make blogging a wee bit more difficult. The thing is – when it is even remotely nice outside – everybody and their dog, and their grandmother, and their small child wants to be outside. Which is all well and good, until you’re trying to have a photo shoot with any modicum of privacy.

I tend to think of the project in very serious terms. I’m out marching around, tripod in tow. I’m doing my thing. It’s the cause, man. The cause. I don’t like a lot of interference. So when I’m out and about and trying to find a secluded spot to take pictures, I have difficulty understanding why everyone won’t just step aside. Okay, play frisbee if you must. Grill hamburgers. Take your cat out on a leash. I don’t really care. But I could do without the staring. What are you looking at? Have you never seen a grown ass woman, all dressed up and taking pictures of herself. No? Okay, well just trust me, then. This is important business. You’re either on board or you’re not. Do you get it, comrade? They don’t get it.

For the most part, I am very adept at disguising the fact that I’m taking pictures of myself. In the event that I don’t secure a vacant location, I fiddle with my camera and wait for people to move along. But the fact remains, that sometimes I take my pictures out in the courtyard of our apartments, where pretty much any nosy neighbor could be watching me from their window. Now that it’s summer, I live in fear of running into someone at the pool and having them out me as the crazy picture-taking girl. Oh well.

Aside from that, I am loving the dawn of summer. I had a day off today and I spent it pretty much in a full-on warm weather laze. I didn’t even get around to pictures until nearly 7:00. Which is how I discovered that the light is totally at its best in the early evening. Another perk of the season!

Today’s outfit was kind of thrown together. I love the stark contrast on this checkered tunic top. It’s too short to be a dress, but it was too nice out to bother with leggings. A skirt filled in where the hem of the shirt left off. Another belt today. I decided that maybe I should give my belts names. We’ll call this one Babe. Like the ox in Paul Bunyan she is big, blue and faithful. Apropos perhaps with my lumberjack shirt and my gladiator heels. I feel rough and tough, yet oddly feminine. All I need is a wieldy axe. And then maybe people will stop gawking so much while I take my pictures.

Checkered Shirt – Thrifted
Aqua Ribbed Tank – Work
Necklace – Rue 21
Skirt – Thrifted (F21)
Shoes – Thrifted
Belt – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Dragonette – “Take It Like a Man”