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Hola. I’ll be pretty quick here. I’m not in a very bloggy  mood. If you can believe that.

It’s Friday. It wasn’t a bad day. Just one of those sort of pensive days, where I’m more in my own head than anything and can’t be bothered to be chatty. Do you ever have those days?

Maybe it’s because I got up at a most unGodly hour and didn’t log a lot of sleep last night. It’s all good. I had an important graduation to attend this morning. Circumstances as such, I didn’t really have a lot of time or inclination to put together anything crazy or take a lot of pictures.

That said, I don’t see nothing wrong with an LBD Friday. If you have been around since the very very beginning of the project, you’ll know that I’ve previously confessed to a serious little black dress addiction. To me, it’s the most perfect fashion invention of all time. Early in my adult years, I developed an virtual life philosophy and identity around the idea of the LBD. It’s simple sophistication as well as it’s adaptability. What it stands for, and what it represents to me is more than I’ve got room to blog about. But I digress.

My current wardrobe houses only a small handful, but my collection once contained over twenty of them. To my credit, I have not purchased a single little black dress this year, and I believe this only the third time I’ve resorted to wearing one as an outfit for the project. That, my friends, takes willpower.

But let us not downplay the simplistic beauty or the functionality of an LBD. It’s only right that I pay homage now and then. This is an extremely cheap and comfortable number from my collection, but it was easily styled to fit the occasions of the day. That’s what’s great about an LBD. You dress it up, you dress it down but no matter what, you hit the town and you rock that thing.  Little black dress. Represent.

Dress – Max Rave
Cardigan – Wet Seal
Belt – Thrifted
Necklace – Charlotte Russe
Shoes – Thrifted

 Title courtesy of Switchfoot – “More Than Fine”