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I wasn’t going to go there, just yet. But after my music sister from another mister, Kookulai threw out a “Grillz” reference the other day, I felt the need to bust one out myself. And anyway, it feels like summer right now. I’ve spoken previously of my categorization of music by season and I can definitively say that alongside most jazz, early Rilo Kiley,  Hot Chip and the Black Eyed-Peas, Nelly belongs to the summer.

Despite my love of hip-hop, I should admit that I’m actually usually among the last to understand new rap slang. It took me ages to put together what it means to be “in the back of the ‘Lac.'” On a shopping trip to a suburban mall once, my employee and I were listening to one of my more thugged out mixes and ended up in a debate over the significance of “popping a rubber band.” We ended up having to look it up on UrbanDictionary via his i-Phone. (Whitest sentence ever.) It made perfect sense after the fact. It’s really just akin to “makin’ it rain” but I went around for months thinking it was something far more filthy.

But anyway. A grill I get. It’s just bling for your teeth and who doesn’t love bling? At one time, whomever puts together the music CDs at work put “Grillz” in heavy rotation. As a result, I’ve not only memorized every lyric but had the opportunity to educate many an unsuspecting  mother as to what a “grill” actually  is. I love it. When I lived in Austin there was a place down by the airport where you could buy custom grillz for only $99. I’m kind of sad I didn’t take advantage of the offer. You can never have too much bling.

Today’s outfit it beyond simple. I owe this to two factors. The first being that just as I went to put together today’s outfit, there was a knock on my door. It was the painters coming to finish up the job on our front door, which required not only the door to be propped open, but for there to be strange men in my apartment. That um, kind of cramps my style for trying on outfits if you can imagine. They finished quickly but advised me that I must leave the door propped open for another 40 minutes to dry. I’m all about getting to know my neighbors, but it pretty much shut down my dressing routine. I stayed as is, in my capris and plain white tee and accessorized from there.

Second factor – the white tee was intentional. I was going for the very simple today and enjoy being a blank canvas for a day. Why? Because tomorrow begins another THEME WEEK! Think loud and colorful. Think bells and whistles. Think musical!

I guess this is a marginally okay segue (really could have been better, but I’m short on time) to give you a heads up about my musically inspired theme week. Music is sort of a silent partner in this blog, but I’m not shy about my love of music of all shapes and sizes. I figured it was time for songs to play a role in the actual outfit portion. Which is why I’ll be raiding my i-Pod for inspiration this coming week. Particularly my running workout music. I’m putting the finishing touches on the playlist and I’ll fill you in on the rest of the details tomorrow. Get excited!

Plain White Tee – Work
Denim Capris – Wet Seal
Scarf – Work
Flower Necklace – Vanity
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Nelly – “Grillz”