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Welcome to theme week! Round one! I tested the playlist out this morning. I won’t be listening to it all week, because I don’t want to burn out and have the tunes lose their luster, but I do say it did the trick. Awesome to run to.

So then, it was time to shower and get dressed. I was pretty nervous to see what the Shuffle would bestow upon me. I’ve done at least some brainstorming for all of the songs chosen. I’m also so glad that I narrowed things down. Lest, you should discover just how bad some of my taste in workout music is. Actually, I don’t think I embarrass easily (if at all) when it comes to my music. I’ll just level with you. For every MGMT or Metric, there’s a Hilary Duff. Medleys from High School Musical? Check! Paris Hilton’s short-lived singing career? All there. (And admittedly decent to elliptical to.)

Still, there are some pretty brazen diva acts on my playlist, that I am feeling apprehensive about. For today I got off sort of easy. I got this: (p.s. Major language warning on this one.)

“Diamonds and Guns” by the Transplants is one helluva fast-paced tune. It’s excellent to run to and just generally feel like a hardcore mafioso. If you’re thinking this tune sounds sort of familiar, you’re correct. It was heavily sampled, of all places, in a shampoo commercial. Pretty amusing, considering the song is pretty much laden with f-bombs and references to drugs and violence.

How to dress to this song? I had not a clue. In spite of its overarching badassness, there’s something slightly provincial about the piano plinking tune that runs throughout. I started with milkmaid braids and tried to build on my swagger from there. There is a lot of black and white imagery. Not just in the video but the actual lyrics. So what do I have that’s black and white? Stripes. Stripes are kind of French. One of the guys sounds kind of French.

It’s a stretch. But stripes, I figure, are also what you end up wearing when you’re one of “those who bust shots, to those who stuff cops, to those who serve rocks on all the hard blocks.”

I’ve worn this thing once before. It’s one of the items in my closet that’s questionable as to whether it’s a top or a dress for someone of my stature. Last time I went with leggings. Today I went dress. There’s a mini skirt under there somewhere, but it only added about an inch of length. I also reversed it, so that the buttons are in the front and the scoop neck in the back. What’s more wicked than wearing your clothes backwards? (Well, probably a lot of things. Don’t answer that.) But still. BAD. ASS. 

Sweater Dress – 5.7.9
Black Mini – Max Rave
Shoes – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of The Transplants – “Diamonds and Guns”