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Hello all. It’s theme week. Day two! It only now occurred to me that it’s rather chancy, letting my i-Pod call the shots on a given day. I’m sure I’m not the only person to form close attachments to inanimate objects. But I mean, how much do I really trust Gloria?

I’ve only really been with Gloria, my Nano, since Christmas. She’s my third serious i-Pod. Fourth if you count the year I spent dabbling with my Shuffle. I’ve named all of my i-Pods. How can you not? When you sync it up that first time and the computer asks you what it is to be called? It’s a magic moment. Do tell: What did you name your i-Pod?

My first and most beloved i-Pod was named Carmen (as in Electra, don’t ask. But it also coincidentally turns out to mean “music.”) Carmen was an early generation mini and my college graduation gift. We were inseparable from my first download – Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”  I bought her various cases to match my outfits and we were happy together for a number of years, until she was tragically stolen from me at the gym. A friend was kind enough to spot me a replacement. I named her Cecelia for the Patron Saint of Music and I still have her, although I use her primarily to hold a wealth of Podcasts.

And now Gloria. Who decided that my fashion inspiration for the day would be:



When I think of Avril Lavigne, I mostly think bratty stepchild of the early 2000s. Spazzing out in wifebeaters and skinny ties. Copping a faux punk attitude and producing generally annoying music. Still, later on in her career Avril did two things right. She made a couple of workout-worthy songs – “The Best Damn Thing” being one of them – and she made it cool to wear pink and skulls at the same time. Which is where I take my cue.  

Well, this pink dress is one of those things that I’ve hoarded for well over a month now. But it got to come out today as I’m pretty sure a flouncy pink dress with hem embroidery is the best damn thing. Still, the outfit lacked something. It didn’t scream poser punk bitch, and was therefore not worthy of today’s epithet.

Luckily, I remembered my skull scarf. You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say this scarf was spun by Avril herself. It’s pink, black and covered in skulls. Skulls on a Monday? I pondered. Would it be too much? Nay. If anything, I say skulls especially for a Monday. Skulls make you look tough and unapproachable, which comes in handy on the most inherently annoying day of the week.

I felt a little loud in this outfit. I’m always ready to scrap. And with the added Chutzpah that comes with wearing skulls,  I dared anyone to pick a fight with me and my frills. I welcomed the opportunity to be a scene and a drama queen, alas it never arose. As it turns out, when you also look like a giant pink cupcake, the effect is null and void. Completely negated. I believe the word “cute” was used.

 Dress – 5.7.9
Skull Scarf – 5.7.9
Belt – Stolen off a shirt
Earrings – The Icing
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Avril Lavigne – “The Best Damn Thing”