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Hey peeps! It’s THEME WEEK take four! I heart this week.

Just a reminder, if you want a copy of the theme week playlist, I still have copies to spare. Just email me at closet365@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to get one to you. I’ve been too busy to get them done yet, but they’ll probably be in the mail Friday.

You may want to take advantage of this rarity, as I never almost ever make mix CDs. I do occasionally if  someone requests one or if a person has been generous in making them for me, and I feel compelled to reciprocate. But for the most part I am apprehensive about my own mix-making skills. There’s so much pressure involved in the making of a good mix. You’ve got to take into account the taste of the other person while also trying to show off incorporate some of your own. You’ve got to send the right message but also try not to send a message at all. It’s so complicated. That said, there are few things I love more than a mix. I have quite the treasury from a wide variety of friends. I save them all and listen to them even years after they were made. I get very upset if I lose one. They’re the thing I’d save in a fire after my cats and my scarf collection.

But workout mixes, I can handle. A workout mix is just a well-timed jumble of good beats and lyrics that make you want to move. Which brings me to today’s tune:

You can ignore the video on this one. There is no music video and this was just the best quality version I could find. The Scissor Sisters’ “Music is the Victim” is probably my number one running song of all time. So I was very excited that it got chosen today. Not only is it pure campy magic, the likes of which thrills my inner gay man. But also, it’s got an amazing tempo. You have to try it sometime with this blasting through your headphones and tell me it doesn’t inspire you to pound the pavement.

So my very favorite line of the song, is the first one – “I left my heart in San Francisco. It took some motherfuckin’ disco.” I can relate. San Francisco is my second favorite city in the world. I’ve been there a couple of times and I used to be completely obsessed with it. I’d read every book about San Francisco I could get my hands on. Particularly picture books. And this dress? Totally reminds me of something I would have seen in pictures of San Francisco from the 1960s. Which, is in part why I chose it today. The other part, is the part where it’s just damn campy and rad, just like my favorite song.

It was a little hard to part with this dress already. It was recently thrifted. Not only that, but a yellow retro-looking dress has been at the top of my secret wishlist for quite sometime. I found this one at Plato’s of all places and it was love at first sight. My bracelet too, I found shortly after. It was a serendipitous thing, for I admired a bracelet like this, at a boutique in Texas, every time I went there. I never broke down and got it and I’ve always regretted it. Which is why when I came across a similar one, I could no longer pass.

This dress is crazy. I was a little nervous about wearing it to work at the mall. I assumed that when I showed up in this, any shred of sanity previously assigned to me, would go right out the window. Still, I had to abide by the rule of theme week and I wasn’t about to sell my power song short. I told myself that anyone who wanted to hate on this dress was simply jealous of its amazingness and also my nerve to wear it. Strutting around in a dress like this, on an ordinary Wednesday in suburbia? Well that, my friends, takes some motherfucking disco.

As it turns out, the dress had a lot of fans. Lots of compliments and lots of unapologetic stares. For all I know, this dress is the most exciting thing that’s happened at the mall in awhile. It’s kind of a sad little mall. Although, I’m told that last week we had a streaker in the fountain. I couldn’t top that if I wanted to, but I can sure as hell give it a run for the money.

Dress – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted
Bracelet – Thrifted
Necklace – The Icing