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Hello there! THEME WEEK continues! It’s now day five, dressing according to my playlist.

So one of my favorite musical finds, when it comes to workout music is mashups. A mashup to me, is almost better than a regular song because it’s MULTIPLE SONGS AT ONCE. It appeals mightily to my musical A.D.D. I’m not always content to listen to a song in its entirety, and find myself hitting the skip button in search of the right song to fit my mood. But with a mashup, you don’t have to do that. Hey I love this song! No it’s another song! Oh I love this song too! No! Two songs at once! And now we’re back to the first song! YESSS!

Not to mention the all around energy that comes from a meld of several songs. The older I get, the more I find I am drawn to my BPM and a good crescendo. When I was younger, I had rather different music tastes. Sure, I have always had a soft spot for pop, but I also had a deeply depressive streak that drew me to mellow music. I still love me some sad bastard tunes, but in the interest of cultivating a more alpha attitude, I now gravitate to songs with high energy.

An employee of mine, who is also a former cheerleader, pointed out that mashups are pretty reminiscent of the mixes we used to perform our competition routines to. That was quite the epiphany as to why I love them so much. Mashups totally harken to my cheer days. So, it was with quite the enthusiasm that I greeted today’s i-Pod pick challenge.


“Heartbreakin’ Divas” is positively awesome in the number of Diva ballads incorporated. It’s a power mashup to be sure. Always good for a run. You’ve got your Britney, your Beyoncé, Christina. A smidgen of M.I.A. Not to mention Pat Benetar. My only gripe is eyeroll-worthy inclusion of  3OH!3. I have a love-hate relationship with any band that would name itself after a butchered Colorado area code and then get overplayed ad nauseum. I guess it’s sort of fitting though. Last year at the Bolder Boulder startline, they played “Don’t Trust Me” no less than three times before my heat even took off. I think it’s safe to say that’s when my burnout began.

With SO MUCH going on in this song, it was hard to know where to begin. I wanted to include a number of the elements but I didn’t want to go overkill. So admittedly, I latched on to Britney’s “Circus” and sort of ran with it. This outfit is heavily circus-y. However, I’d like to point out that A) Christina also did a circus themed video and B) A mashup is sort of like a three-ring circus, with its multiple acts, competing from every angle for your attention. Justification = my jam.

Further justification for my otherwise circus-centric outfit: I tried to incorporate just some generally diva-esque principles. The juxtaposition of a soft lace dress with an edgy jacket. Big shiny jewelry. Gold makeup and mascara. My nod to Beyoncé is my sort of big hair. At least it was big for about two seconds, before it fell flat. Sorry, B. I owe you your own ode, at some point anyway. Raincheck?

Now, I’m not in the dark about Pat Benetar. I was raised better. But I was admittedly clueless as to her look. I did some Googling and holy hell, inspiration! Woman was fierce. My tights are for her. I wish I could have done more. I will say that while I do love, love, love how fun this outfit is, I’m not sure it does the mashup justice. Oh well. There are still a couple of mashups on the playlist and days left in the challenge.

Which brings up an extra point – Sunday is a float day between theme week and the big race. I’m definitely game for an eighth day of the playlist challenge but I’m also up for a reader request. Is there a song on the playlist that you’re dying to see in outfit form? Or a wild card not on the list? Hit me with your best shot. Fire away…

 Dress – Wet Seal
Jacket – Kohl’s (Candies)
Necklace/Belt – Thrifted
Tights – Work
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Titus Jones Mashup – “Heartbreakin’ Diva”