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Hello and a happy holiday weekend to you! I had a horrific day at work, fighting with caveman era technology. I kind of want to kill someone. Finally one nice man from our computer department walked me through MacGuyvering our hard drive. Apparently, I pulled it off with more aplomb than most store employees because he offered to send me chocolate. But really, I’d feel more fulfilled if they’d let me drag the old equipment out into a field and beat it with a sledgehammer. “Office Space” style. Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

Unofficially, today is the last day of THEME WEEK. I am totally sad to see it go. This has probably been the most fun one for me. I am still entertaining the idea of extending it one more day, to help keep motivated for my race. It’s Monday. I wish it were here already. Sheesh. There’s not much preparation left. I’ve tapered off my running. I’ve got plans to just sort of lay low tomorrow. Go to yoga and get stretched out. Eat a big pasta dinner and get a good night’s rest. That is the plan anyway.

So you’re probably wondering what the i-Pod picked for me today. Why, it’s another awesome mashup. Hell yes!


This is probably one of the stranger mashups I’ve ever heard. To be honest, I always thought the “Tequila” song was kind of annoying. And while, I love me some Lil Mama, the original “Lipgloss” makes me feel dumber every time I listen to it. But combined together? Quirky pop awesomeness. They totally work. The mashup makes for a perfect fun paced run and instills in me a strange sort of confidence. Like with the right cosmetics, I can do anything. Boys will like me. I can run fast! Out the way, lipgloss sheep!

It has been so beautiful out here the last few days. Perfect weather to go sleeveless, which is what this dress technically is. Still, I had to be appropriate for work. And my favorite white cardigan was mysteriously AWOL. It was one of those cases where it works out for the better, because I remembered my little hooded cardi. What’s more ‘hood that a hoodie? Exactly.

This outfit is one part literal. There is a lot of fruity imagery in “Lipgloss.” I actually initially had a vanilla-colored cardigan that I wanted to pair with the dress as homage to our title lyric. The two didn’t look quite right together but I still loved the dress.

Once upon a time, I was very obsessed with anything cherry print. I bought anything and everything with cherries on it. I still own to this day, another cherry dress, a cherry necklace and a cherry purse. I have mostly curbed that habit, but I couldn’t resist this dress at Goodwill. Not only is it cherry print, but it originated from my store! Which is a true rarity. Not many of our things last beyond the third wash, let alone long enough to become retro. I had to have it.

This outfit is also at least partially an ode to the artist. One thing I kind of dig about Lil Mama is her ability to embrace ghetto fabulousness without making it trashy. She rocks the do-rags, the Converse, the whole bit. But somehow, always looks matchy and pulled together. I wanted to see if I could do the same. Lo and behold, I’m kind of loving the big earrings and headband. It’s a fun summer look, and paired with the dress came out looking fairly chic.

And yes, I am utilizing the lipgloss today. Body Shop Shimmer Gloss in Pale Pink. It’s poppin’ alright.

Dress – Thrifted
Hoodie Cardigan – Kohl’s
Shoes – Local shoe boutique
Belt – Thrifted
Earrings – The Icing

Title courtesy of DJ Paul V Mashup – “Tequila Flavored Lipgloss”